It’s just another day in America and that means we’re facing yet another story of a scared white person calling the police on black people for existing.

This time we have Nick Starr-Street, a gay Trump supporter (can you tell he’s full of contradictions?) who claims to be autistic, but at the same time is incredibly anal-retentive about the glassware policy of the leasing office at The Edition—his apartment complex in Hyattsville, Maryland.

I’m going to quickly recap the issue using details from this report from WUSA9 and then I want to ask so many questions because so much of this story and scenario don’t make a lick of sense.

A man called police on two separate groups of black women at an apartment complex, and the ladies believe their race played a factor.

The encounters took place at the swimming pool inside of The Edition Apartments on East-West Highway in Hyattsville, Maryland this past weekend.


Starr-Street told WUSA9 he noticed the glass bottles from his apartment window and decided to go to the pool to get proof that the women were breaking a rule.

In the first video posted on Soso’s Twitter account, you can see Starr-Street recording one of the women and telling her “glassware is not allowed at the pool.”

The woman in the video agreed to get rid of the glass and asked, “What else do I need to do for you to be comfortable?”

You can view the video of the first confrontation, which happened on Saturday (Jun. 22), where one of the women confronting him was calm, poised and polite as she tried to de-escalate the situation.

That patience didn’t pay off as Starr-Street still felt compelled to call the police on the women BBQ Becky-style.

On Sunday (Jun. 23), Starr-Street’s policing of the music and glassware policy got even more intense when he confronted another group of black women about the policy they were supposedly violating.

This confrontation got a little more aggressive as the woman Starr-Street was confronting with his smartphone pointed at her smacked it out of his hand.

Here’s the video he recorded from his cell phone:

Nick claimed that this constituted an assault and proceeded to call the police on this second group of black women and then, shockingly, FOLLOWED the women out of the apartment complex as they walked to their car.

This all seems terribly unnecessary given the supposed infraction that Starr-Street was trying to police these black women over.

But according to Starr-Street, this hyperfocus has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with his autism.

“My sense of right and wrong is 0 or 100. I don’t care,” Starr-Street said.

He explained that he called security on a group of white women at the pool on Monday, but admitted he never recorded them or called Hyattsville police.

“I’m autistic. I just see right and wrong,” Starr-Street explained. “I don’t see race. I don’t see gender. I don’t see color. I don’t see any of that.”

Who Is Nick Starr-Street? And If He’s So Scared of Black People, Why Does He Live in the Blackest County in Maryland?

So here’s one of the things that is the most confusing about this whole Nick Starr-Street incident.

If you’re going to be racist and can’t stand the sight of black people drinking alcohol, laughing and listening to music, then maybe you shouldn’t live in the blackest county in the state of Maryland?

Seriously, Prince George’s county is 64% black.

What is a gay, Trump-loving, scaredy-pants white man doing living in an apartment complex in the blackest county in Maryland?

That’s like a klansman deciding to go watch Black Panther in a Magic Johnson theater. You’re just asking to be irritated, annoyed and angry.

If you’re wondering how I know Nick is a Trump-loving racist, it wasn’t that hard finding that info. because Nick was loud and proud about his viewpoints, which confusingly included being “Anti-LGBTQ” even though he himself is gay.

The evidence is disappearing though as he is currently deleting his social media profiles as the backlash sets in.

But one of the victims on the receiving end of his harassment, Felecia Soso, snagged a screenshot of his Instagram page before he deactivated it:

He’s married to a man named Brian Starr-Street who works at a coffee shop/bar/bistro called Slipstream DC.

Due to the media attention and backlash, the restaurant has currently suspended Nick’s husband from work.

Having your nosy-ass husband sticking his nose in other’s people’s business for no good reason is grounds for filing for divorce in my opinion. But Brian might be the “stand by your man” type.

Nick Starr-Street Gets Evicted From The Edition

The Hyattsville Police Department washed their hands of this hot mess early on and said that no one was charged or in trouble because this insane white man didn’t like that black women were sipping beverages out of glassware by the pool.

It’s still not clear why this glass prohibition is even a rule for the apartment complex in the first place, but I digress.

But the latest breaking news, which comes courtesy of Felecia Soso, is that Nosy Nick is being evicted from The Edition.

Like so many of these white folks who call the police on black folks for nothing, Nick is the one who is finding himself in hot water rather than his intended victims.

When will white people learn that in 2019, calling the police on blacks for existing isn’t going to work out in your favor because we have smartphones and we can document the bullshit that they’re trying to pull?

But more importantly, what nickname are we giving to Nick Starr-Street for his white-man-scared routine?

If you need inspiration, stare at this screenshot of Nick on the phone with that pursed, stressed look on his face that so many of these white caller criminals have when they’re harassing black people.

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