All eyes are usually on Odell Beckaham Jr. when he’s on the football field as a wide receiver for the New York Giants, but his moves on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have also given people plenty to talk about.

Some have gone so far as to say that Odell’s penchant for dancing with his male friends makes him “suspect” (read: gay).

I think that’s overreaching a bit. I will, however, fully admit that spending time doing choreographed dances with your male friends as you spin, bend over, gyrate and toe touch is a very … interesting way for an NFL player to spend his free time.

Odell and his crew have gotten the tweets talking with this latest dance-off, set to Young Thug‘s “With Them.” The backdrop for this ballet recital? One of Drake’s mansions.

Check out Odell’s splashy entrance in the dance routine below:

With the Summer Olympic Games just around the corner, it might be worthwhile to have Odell on the bench in case any member of the gymnastics team is unable to compete. That cartwheel was bad as hell.

Here’s the full video if you want to point-and-laugh at grown men with their pants sagging and their underwear hanging out jerk and jiggle to Young Thug’s awful warbling.

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