Say what you will about someone getting a HUGE portrait tattoo of a person they don’t know, probably has never met (and possibly never will meet), and who probably doesn’t honestly give a damn about your existence … but YOU CANNOT DENY THAT THIS KOBE BRYANT PORTRAIT TATTOO IS THE GREATEST YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!

According to Complex Sports, the impressive ink work was done by a tattoo artist named Q (who is about to become even more famous than he already is now that his tats are going viral), and all we can say is “WOW!!!!”

Peep the entire tattoo:

And here’s a video for all of you “NAH MAN, THAT’S PHOTOSHOP!” skeptics:


Here are a few other realistic portrait tattoos Q the tattoo artist has done of other famous people like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Dean Martin and Michael Jackson, just to name a few:

For more of Q’s amazing tattoo skills, check out his Instagram page here!

h/t: Complex Sports

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