After hiding in the background for much of the season, the chalupa with the biggest pupusa, Winter Ramos, is definitely making her presence felt on “Love & Hip Hop.”

After reconnecting with her old roommate and friend Lore’l, Winter proceeded to turn ol’ girl against her friend and manager, radio host Angela Yee.

Now truth be told, having Angela manage Lore’l’s career probably wasn’t a good look. Who the hell has Angela ever made pop? But Winter instigated that shit from a jealous, hateful place. And poor Lore’l fell for the bait; hook, line and sinker.

As Winter first announced when she came on the show, she’s writing a tell-all book. Bitch, how does an assistant to Fabolous, a mildly successful rapper, get off trying to act like she’s really lived the high life?

Furthermore, how is she gonna follow in the footsteps of fail left by Karrine “Superhead” Steffans? Whatever “success” Karrine had has long since evaporated.

While Kim Kardashian was able to build a career based on who she slept with, Karrine was not. Most women of color will not. Winter claims she just wants to share her truth, but that’s as bald-faced a lie as Nicki Minaj pretending that her Mt. Kilimanjaro ass is all real.

So back to this book. Winter announces that the book doesn’t come out for another 3 months, but because her ass is so excited (read: she needed a story to stay on the line), she decides to host a reading session at some sad little hole-in-the-wall joint. She invites her BFF, Lore’l, who naively agrees to come on, even though Winter mentions she’s in the book.

Once Lore’l arrives, Winter bear hugs her and tells her guests that she loves Lore’l and considers her a close friend. Then, she steps to the mic to read a portion of her book and basically EMBARRASSES the shit out of Lore’l by reading a chapter she wrote about the girl’s life.

In the short excerpt that we got, Winter says that Lore’l slept with wealthy men, was difficult to work with, and didn’t write her own rhymes. With friends like these, who the hell needs enemies?

Of course, Lore’l, being the feisty Hispanic Oompa Loompa that she is, confronts Winter right afterward. But the whole thing is futile and pointless, because Winter is pissy drunk and starts losing her balance while Lore’l talks to her.

Yandy steps in and breaks the heated discussion up but her moral compass is squarely on Lore’l’s side: Winter is a no-good, messy, shady bitch.

Mendeecees Falls Back

Last episode, Mendeecees went wild on Maurice, Yandy’s so-called cousin, over some Instagram pictures that he posted of Yandy that he felt were a little too suggestive. The fact that Maurice is Yandy’s cousin didn’t dissuade Mendeecees not one bit and he clocked the hell out of him without even flinching.

But now that word has gotten back to Yandy that her baby daddy put his hands on her cousin, she’s pissed.

This kind of Jerry Springer behavior is precisely why Yandy walked away from Jim Jones and all of his madness. Mendeecees defends his actions saying that if Maurice had only complied, it never would have gotten to that level.

Yandy screams at Mendeecees that if he’s going to be with her he needs to learn to love her family. The big lug starts to crack and he finally submits to apologizing to Maurice and making peace.

When we catch up with Maurice, his attitude has done a complete 180. He’s cool, calm and collected and above all else, he’s a little remorseful. Guess Mendeecees’ little ass whopping did its job after all. The two men dapped it out and dropped all the grudges.

Interestingly, Yandy exclaimed, “No more Instagram pictures.” But hold up, does that mean she’s gonna start paying her cousin for his services? Cause she admitted that they had a barter going on and if she’s not gonna live up to her end of the bargain, then she better start doing some push-ups in the bread aisle at the grocery store or something.

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