C’mon son!!!

A Florida man was recently arrested for stealing lip balm and CD’s straight out of Walmart. He claims that the lip balm was for his fat uncle who has trouble getting though the front door. (Seriously???) Read the full story below:

Willie Jackson’s “fat uncle” might have problems getting through the door following Jackson’s recent arrest at Walmart. Jackson, 44, is accused last week of absconding with at least $1 worth of Carmex lip balm and a $2.98 pack of ChapStick from the Walmart in the 5100 block of Okeechobee Road in Fort Pierce, according to a recently released arrest affidavit.

“The reason I stole the lip balm is so my fat uncle can fit through the door,” Jackson is quoted as saying. A Walmart loss prevention associate told Fort Pierce police he saw Jackson go in the health and beauty department and put the lip balm items in his pockets and go to the men’s room. When Jackson left the restroom, another Walmart official went in and found two empty lip balm packages in a trash can.

Jackson then allegedly took a couple of CDs, returning to the bathroom. A Walmart official went in after Jackson left and discovered two empty CD cases. Jackson allegedly handed the CDs to Tracy Wallace, 41, who stashed them in her purse. The CDs later were identified as Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth,” and “Versus” by Usher.

Jackson and Wallace were stopped. Asked if he wanted to speak with investigators, Jackson said, “I’m going to jail, so why should I talk to you. No I don’t want to talk to you.” He told Wallace, “The reason I stole the lip balm is so my fat uncle can fit through the door.”

The affidavit doesn’t list the weight or girth of Jackson’s uncle or the width of the door. It’s also unclear whether Wallace or Jackson or Jackson’s uncle are fans of Lil Wayne or Usher. Wallace and Jackson, both of Orlando, each face a misdemeanor theft charge.


……. We have no words for this. At all.

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