Lebron James may not be the only one feeling the pressure right now!

Earlier this morning (Tues. Jul 6), NBA superstar Dwyane Wade canceled a scheduled news conference for the annual “Summer Groove” charity weekend he will be hosting with Alonzo Mourning next week. However, Wade didn’t call the conference off due to a bad cold or the stomach flu, but to avoid all of the questioning and hassle from the media over his free-agency.

So instead, Wade received a surprising visit from four bus loads of 150 Miami Heat employees at Nova Southeastern University, where Wade’s youth basketball camp for children (originally scheduled to kick off today) was to be held. The group made an all out effort to change their hometown superstar’s mind and chanted aloud together:

“We want Wade!”

“We want Wade!”

“We want Wade!”

Wade found the chanting quite heart-warming and responded jokingly:

“I see I can’t get rid of you all.”

But, that by far means Wade will be continuing his stay in Miami… and let’s just say Miami Heat’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Michael McCullough is well aware of this!

“You guys better say it like you mean it. This is no joke, right here.” McCullough told Miami Heat employees before they met with Wade.

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