Seven-Year-Old Florida Boy Swallows Grill!

This 7-year-old boy became the latest victim of hip-hop culture – as he was rushed to the hospital after swallowing his grill! ‘Grills’ are a type of decorative dental jewelry often worn by rap artists such as OutKast, Nelly, Lil John and Ludacris. Hip-hop fan Bobby Tedesco, 7, from Sanford, Florida, was delighted when his mum brought home a £5 ($10) grill for him from a local car-boot sale. Tedesco placed the grill over his teeth and proudly showed it off in photos. Tedesco’s expression, however, soon changed when the grill fell out off his teeth and he started choking on it. His mother, Dawn Tedesco, attempted to clear his throat, but he swallowed the grill. He was raced to hospital but doctors said there was little they could do, adding there was only one way out for the metal device.

And we all know where that “one way” exit is! Someone’s gonna have a pretty painful bowel movement LMAO. My question is, what the hell was he doing with a grill? And a cheap one at that! And it was obviously too big for his mouth it fell out so easily. I’m just glad he didn’t die. Anyhow, I’ll be glad when that so-called “fad” dies… I’ve never been a fan those damn things. Not like I could get one anyhow since I’m a brace face LOL.

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