Who Owns the Look? Sanjaya Malakar vs. Pedro Sanchez! 

Who says our “Who Owns the Look?” posts have to apply to fashion? And who classified it to only celebrities?! We sure as hell didn’t, which is why I chose complete nobodies this time around. Mr. Sanjaya Malakar and Mr. Pedro Sanchez are the contendors for who’s rocking the best look! Sanjaya is photographed on Tuesday night’s performance episode of American Idol, and Pedro Sanchez (from Napoleon Dynamite) is photographed being … well, Pedro! I must say, Sanjaya is keeping it consistent every week re-inventing his style and what-not. I mean c’mon, give him some credit .. the guy even grew a ‘stache and goatee!! I can’t wait to see what he’ll rock next week…… Oh, and for those that don’t watch that AI garbage, his wack ass still hasn’t gotten voted off yet, so maybe we have next week to look forward to. By the way, my vote for this goes to Pedro! You can’t jack someone’s swagga Sanjaya, you just can’t! But my question to you, of course, is WHO OWNS THE LOOK??

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