Ronald Gasser: Some Things You Need to Know About the Man Who Shot & Killed Former NFL Player Joe McKnight

Former New York Jets running back Joe McKnight (28) was shot and killed Thursday (Dec. 1) in Louisiana during a road rage incident.

Police have identified 54-year-old Ronald Gasser as the shooter. Here are some things you need to know about Ronald Gasser:

1. A 54-year-old white man named Ronald Gasser is the prime suspect in the killing of former NFL star Joe McKnight.

Ronald Gasser has been named as the man who shot and killed ex-NFL running back Joe McKnight. The shooting occurred near a busy intersection around 2:43 PM Thursday (Dec. 1) in Terrytown, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans.

EMS attempted to revive McKnight, but he died on the scene. Photos show Gasser sitting on the ground, resting by his blue Infinity as EMS performed CPR on McKnight.
Gasser remained at the scene until police arrived and handed over his gun to authorities.

He is in police custody, but has not been formally arrested or charged with a crime. Police are questioning him to determine what led to the fatal shooting.

Police say McKnight was unarmed.

2. Gasser reportedly said “I told you don’t f**k with me,” while standing over McKnight’s body. Police are investigating the shooting as a road rage incident.


A motive for the shooting has not been determined, however, police suspect road rage. Several witnesses have given differing versions of what they saw.

An unnamed witness says she saw Gasser yelling at McKnight as the footballer appeared to be apologizing. She then states Gasser shot McKnight and yelled “I told you don’t f**k with me!” while standing over his body. Gasser then fired another shot.

Other witnesses say they saw Gasser pull McKnight from his car. Some witnesses heard four shots.

3. Ronald Gasser’s sister and daughter are “speechless” and struggling to cope with the situation.


Ronald Gasser’s family is completely stunned by the news and having trouble coming to terms with the reality of the situation. Sharon Weileman, Gasser’s sister, had just gotten home when she saw shooting on TV. With her voice “quavering,” she gave a phone interview with NOLA.

“He’s the best guy, the most generous guy. I have no idea what happened. I can’t even talk right now.”

Gasser’s daughter, Candice Gasser-Bua also gave a phone interview:

“I’m speechless at the moment. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened.”

According to Gasser-Bua, her father ran his own telecommunications business, Lan-Tel, dealing with “office communication equipment, I.E. telephones, wiring.”

Ronald Gasser’s LinkedIn account states he attended the Naval Air Technical Training Center and is also the owner of a plumbing company, Go Live Installs.

4. Gasser has lived alone since his father died in 2015. Neighbors describe him as a loner.


Several of Ronald Gasser’s neighbors described him as a “loner” who kept mostly to himself. The residents remained anonymous citing safety concerns.

“He seemed to be a loner. I never saw anyone else coming or going out of there.”

Gasser has lived in the neighborhood for about 15 years, when he moved in with his father. His father passed away in 2015 and the suspected shooter now lives alone.

When shown photos of McKnight’s alleged shooter, two of the residents identified the man as their neighbor. They also identified the blue Infinity as Gasser’s car.

Another unnamed resident added:

“People are so angry. I don’t know how we got to this, or how we get out of it.”

5. Ronald Gasser had no previous criminal record, but could now face up to life in prison.

It also appears Ronald Gasser had no criminal record prior to the shooting. New Orleans attorney CJ Mordock tweeted the possible charges and sentence for Gasser: “The sentence in LA for 2nd-degree murder is life. Any hate crime enhancement is an additional 5 years to run consecutive.”

  • b sailor

    I guess it’s legal to shoot unarmed black men in this country now, all you have to do is passively claim that you were threatened and voila your free .You will instantly become a hero to white people far and wide, touring the gun makers facility, start dating strippers and get out of traffic tickets by dropping the”,do you know who I am”, line. Ain’t America great?

    • dawggg63

      This has got to be one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve seen. Based on the facts in the article, I’d place a wager that he is convicted and spends a very long time in prison. This is NOTHING like Zimmerman defending himself from having his head pounded in to the ground… Zimmerman may be scum, but his actions in that case were entirely justifiable. Quit your race-baiting!

    • Tony Shrewkly

      “but his actions in that case were entirely justifiable.” You’re an idiot ! If your “child” was being followed and afraid and fought back, yes fought back, you’d be commenting totally different. The scum was and ADULT ! Regardless, it won’t bring back Tray but karma is something that Scum can’t hide from or shoot his way out of.

    • dawggg63

      Making up facts and calling someone you don’t agree with “idiot”. How very progressive of you. I will agree with you that Zimm is scum, but Tray was hardly an angel. Suspended 3 times in 10 months, and had recently assaulted a bus driver. Testimony from his own girlfriend shows that he easily could have made it to his father’s door, but chose to confront and attack Zimmerman – not quite the frightened “child” you portray him to be.

    • Tony Shrewkly

      “MAKING UP FACTS”, umm no, he was a KID, he was minding his own business and the Scum provoked him. What the hell does his school records have to do with this case ? Let me guess, you were/are an angel and NEVER did anything wrong. Hopefully, you’ll experience real life outside of your fantasy “privileged” life.

      This case is CLOSED !!!!!

    • dawggg63

      He was a KID with a history of violence. Exactly how did Z “provoke” him… by following him at a distance? This entitled T to attack him? Pound his head into the ground? It is tragic that a young man lost his life, but it was T’s own actions that led to his death. We will never know if he was on an innocent walk home or looking to score some cough syrup to go with his Watermelon Iced Tea and Skittles (he was known to drink lean). What we DO know is that T had the opportunity to get home, and he made a decision to confront and attack. You are correct about one thing… a jury found Z not guilty… the case is CLOSED !!!!!

    • John Bowser

      So what I did all types of bad stuff growing up and if someone stalkes me I will confront them and might punch them, they still wouldn’t have the right to kill me. Who the hell cares what some racist court and jury said that doesn’t make it right.

    • dawggg63

      You could not be more wrong. You absolutely do NOT have the right to punch somebody for ‘looking at you’, but I DO have the right to put a bullet into someone who I feel is a threat to my life. Nothing racist about it.

    • John Bowser

      you are idiot if you cannot understand the difference between looking at and stalking, one is a crime by the way.

    • John Bowser

      problem is that scared sisssies like you are scared by a cats meow, doesn’t mean you can kill everything that frightens you just because you are a little wuss.

    • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

      The problem is that all you afros raised by single parents are raised like feral dogs and resort to violence over the most trivial of matters. In a civilized society that is not tolerated. Go live in the Congo is you want to be a savage.

    • IndependentVet

      “….all you afros raised by single parents…” Wow. That’s a unifying dog whistle comment. Jesus. Christ. But not a thing about Dylann Roof who did not have an afro and killed 9 innocent people. Or, Richard Dear who killed 3 innocent people at a clinic. Or, Eric Frein who, while being transferred by cops, stole the cop’s gun, killed the cop (with his own gun) and wounded another cop. All three are white. All three are live. So as a white man, I can go kill cops and live, but Black men can’t carry Skittles while talking to their girlfriend on the phone? Does Dylann Roof need to go live in the Congo too?

      Disqus and dawgg, you wouldn’t want to see me. I don’t play “gun shooter” on the weekends for fun. I’ve done 10 tours in combat; multiple deployments. You two make me laugh as you try to play tough guy. Killing unarmed people is never good, unless it’s racists like yourselves. I don’t know Mr. Bowser and I don’t need to. But he did states facts, while you two went straight to name calling, race-baiting and stereotyping/racial profiling without looking withing the white community for equally vile human beings. You two are a race-baiting jokes who I’d love to get in cross hairs. You both wouldn’t feel a thing but the world would be a much better place without you two in it. Stop pretending to be men, mistaking guns for manhood. You two think you are tough, but have never seen combat and real killing. A lot of white men have afros too…

      4th generation US Marine
      Company B, OIF, ODS, OEF

    • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

      Your stupidity will get you killed one day. If you punch me in the face just for looking at you while you are in the public domain, I’d put a bullet right between your eyes you loser. Keep your feral paws to yourself.

    • mrscardoso831

      sad, the wild west mentality….sissified assholes bring a gun to a fist fight

    • Char Char Binks

      According to n36r0 rules, No_Limit_Nigga was entitled to jess blood Zimmerman a little.

    • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

      Stop lying you racist. Trayvon Martin went and hid his slim jim burglary tool in the bushes and then came back to “teach a cracker a lesson”. Did you miss Rachel Jeantell’s testimony? Turns out he got taught one instead. Stupid kills lots of young black males.

    • b sailor

      Where did Rachael Jeantells facts come from, oh yeah out of her racist ass. As I said earlier Zimmerman was never on trial Trayvon was

    • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

      She was Trayvon’s black friend you ignorant clown.

    • The Kid Wasn’t Minding His Own Business! He Left Went Home And Then Came Back Looking For Trouble And He Got It! He Was Also Breaking Into House In That Neighborhood And They Found Things In His Locker At School That Belonged To People In That Neighborhood Thats Why His School Records Matter! And The Kid Was High On Drugs!

    • IndependentVet

      So was Dylann Roof.

    • b sailor

      Again where was the evidence against Trayvon other than that provided by conservative right wing media trying to justify a murder by a cowardly wife beating racist.

    • Char Char Binks

      A six-foot, 160 pound bearded child!

    • Larry Sullivan

      He was just released WITH NO CHARGES FILED. … Expect even more “White privilege” to come his way. #AmericaIsREALLYGreatNow

    • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

      If you get out of your car and attack a stranger the stranger can shoot you. Figure it out or die you fool.

    • Dave S.

      You’re an IDIOT!! I HOPE the mf’er hangs!! And I’m WHITE!

    • Have you ever been constantly faced by negroes that outshout, and viciously attack you with derogatory remarks, insults and name-calling, just because you’re white, or because of what you think (or because they think you must be stupid, for you happen to be nice)?

      If not- shut your big mouth!

      The blacks I have met in East-Berlin, West-Berlin, Germany, all over Europe, South-Africa and here in the US all have an attitude problem of constant rage, disagreement, complaints and personal attacks, even violence (rape attempts and wrestling) and, when asked for reasons or in-depth thoughts on anything, the ‘discussion’ turns to ‘racism’…

      This is a PERSONAL experience and not any ‘ism’…

    • LisaDe

      Just because someone says a bunch of hateful stuff doesn’t mean you have the right to shoot them.

    • John Bowser

      None of my German friends have ever meet a black person, you are an idiot and Ronald Gasser sucks ass. He will spend the rest of his live in jail unless it was self defense which seems unlikely.

    • Robert

      Seriously? There are alot of black people in Germany. Are your friends blind maybe? haha… Joking about that last part. But there are people from all over the world that live in Berlin and Germany, and a fair share from Africa.

    • John Bowser

      look I was calling out the Fig1stfruit for being a lying idiot, I highly doubt he or anyone else have come across black people in Berlin with raging attitude problems. I spent a week there and I had to seek out weed in an abandoned factory which is the only place I came across africans in Berlin and they were chill and cool. Kids had been living their entire life there and in Poland and never met a black person, Fig1stfruit is a liar and yes I know peeps in Berlin are from all over the world the city neighborhoods are divided by country occupational history and my dad was born there.

    • Robert

      Your whole post is filled with passive-aggressiveness, so I sincerely doubt that you are one of those “nice white people” that you talk about.

      You use remarks given to white people by black people as an argument for some other person to shut his mouth. It can´t have gone over your head that black people are often attacked for no other reason than having a darker skin than other human beings – so that should in extension logically mean that you should – “shut your big mouth” to. So we should all just shut our big mouths. How productive!

      First of all, my friend, there is no such thing as a West- and East-Berlin, and there hasn´t been since 1988. For someone so worldly as you describe youself, it´s strange that you missed this. So I´m getting a feeling of what I am dealing with here is a 40+ yo man that has a personal vendetta against the world cause it somehow let you down. And that´s a pity. You can´t live a happy life like that, and you should find some professional help. Seriously. I´m not trying to be derogative.

      I have also been to Berlin, South Africa, the US and a whole bunch of other places. I have lived in three different countries, currently in Sweden. And one thing I have experienced is that black people as a whole outside of the US are some of the most kind, loving, caring and fun people you will ever meet. Black people outside the ghetto, and the ghetto mentality in the US are just as great as any other person you might have the pleasure to met. And the black people in the churches in the US? Have you ever actually been to a church with black people? I doubt it. Amazing people.
      The ghettos in the US and the majority blacks over there? Yes, not a friendly place. But guess what, neither are the ghettos in Sweden (majority of white and arabs), nor the ghettos of Madrid (vast majority white people) or any other ghetto in the world cause guess what – that´s what the ghetto does to HUMAN beings, it has NO relation to the color of their skin. I guess you could say that you need to attack this subject deeper than skin-deep to get to the truth ;)

      As for the last paragraph, first of all, you need to learn how to use paraphrases, because it just looks stupid when you do it wrong.
      But anyway; the way you then describe the church is first of all inaccurate factually (if by animate you mean control). Christians believe in the free will. The free will to chose to shot McKnight without God stopping you, the free will to reject God and the gift he wants to give to you (because like all gifts, you can freely reject them), and the free will to accept God, and try to be a better person. And why you doubt that people in the church love God is beyond me. Because they make mistakes? Christians don´t claim to be superhuman. They claim to be merely human, with all the deficiencies that come along with it, with the aim to follow Jesus, which hopefully leads to being a better person.
      And as for prayers not being heard nor answered? I´m a christian these days mainly because God answered my prayer in an extremely obvious way, at the time when I needed it the most, and expected him the least. God answers prayers – yes. All payers? Of course not, he´s not a genie here to grant you three wishes, or to make life a bed of roses for you.

      As for God, and the existence of an intelligent creator of this universe with all its laws, contingencies and astonishing circumstances…
      Have you ever actually dwelt into the subject? Before I became a believer I was an agnostic (=a person that neither denies nor accepts the existence of God). These days – after reading everything I could get my hands on and after my PRAYER was answered, I´m very much a believer. And happier than ever I might add.
      You should really ask yourself how come the greatest minds of this world were believers, From Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Tesla, E.T Whittaker and Einstein (I could go on, but you get the picture) all believed in God. And thats BEFORE all we know today. The percentage of scientist that are believers today is over the 50% mark, in the begining of the 1950´s, they were a minority. It´s a constant rise in the proportion.. Makes you wonder, doesn´t it? Or at least it SHOULD make you wonder.
      Antony Flew, you know that person that was like the leader of atheist, their God – if you may – declared himself as theist (that is; a believer of a God) since the early 2000´s… Read that again. The main atheist, a person that has researched, and dedicated his life to proving atheism, becomes the leader of his whole class – and becomes theist – on the basis of evidence nevertheless, in his own words. But you know better than him, don´t you? ;)
      If reading isn´t your thing, watch some debates by William Lane Craig, John Lennox, Warner Wallace for example.

      I imagine you won´t even read this, but hey, I tried.
      I´ll end this with – stop categorizing people in “white” or “black” and start categorizing them in “good” or “bad”. Or just “my type” and “not my type”. Everything will make more sense for you then, hopefully…

      And my two cents on Ronald Gasser – a very sad human being.
      Rest in peace Mr. McKnight.

    • Jerome Ayalon

      Robert, your post would have been perfect if you didn’t have to turn all preachy on us. Can you have an adult conversation without tying to ram your religion down other people’s throat ?

    • IndependentVet

      Jerome, why didn’t you attack TheFigs comment, which clearly was an attempt to ‘ram religious’ comments down our throats and racial profile.

    • Robert

      Haha… Exactly.

    • Robert

      Hey Jerome.
      I don´t feel like I ramed anything on anyone. Too bad you perceived it like that. He commented on black people, and then also commented on the church and God And I chose to comment on both subjects, cause I feel strongly about both.
      And yes, I believe that I can have adult conversations about anything. Religion being one of them. Can you, without feeling like someone is “raming religion down” your throat?

      Now you go on and have a great day Mr. Ayalon! ;)

    • Char Char Binks


    • Seems to me that it’s not just black people who constantly are in your face with, as you so eloquently stated. Maybe you are the problem… has this ever crossed your mind? Asking because you say ” constantly ” whereas I personally have never in my life experienced this.

      BTW, here’s a video of one of your white people doing what, according to you, is normally is a black persons activity.

    • IndependentVet

      Right…and Eric Frein, Timothy McVeigh, Ryan Lanza, Richard Dear, John Houser, the Columbine shooters and Dylann Roof, don’t have attitude problems…they are all white. They are all murderers. But you knew that right?

    • D.boi
    • kenv

      Hey sailor, I’m white, voted for Trump and am Conservative.
      But I don’t understand from what I’ve read here and in other articles about this shooting why this Gasser has been set free.
      Sounds to me like NOPD has everything they need to arrest him.
      I would think that the NOPD would keep him in custody until they had more information, they can hold him for 72 hours without charges I think.

    • evil llama

      Hey Kenv. The cops and lawyers are not into making rush judgments, to eye witness reports like the dems do. The reason why they haven’t charged him because you don’t want to over charge him. That’s what happen to Zimmerman, he was overcharged . Yes, Zimmerman is a murderer. He stalked Trayvon and he was very crafty. There is also just one flaw with your comment. How many times have we seen the media spew their lies, please don’t fall for it like the blacks and white libs. MLK tries to tell the blacks about the media but it just feel on deaf ears. You are far from knowing the truth yet.

    • IndependentVet

      And republicans don’t make snap decisions? When did you arrive in the USA?

    • IndependentVet

      I’m white, ex-GOP/Now Independent, and conservative. Not sure what that has to do with anything. None of us know the facts. But if he uses “I feared for my life” as a cop out…that is getting overused and abuse for state-sanctioned murder.

    • Char Char Binks

      It’s always legal to shoot in self defense. No, America won’t be great again until Jan. 20.

    • IndependentVet

      And it won’t be great after 20 January either. If so, we’ll ask you everyday as the USA spirals out of control, more people get killed, we go back to war, we stop GDP growth and more riots break out: “Is America great yet”.

    • Adrian Hill

      I guess it’s cool to be black and shoot unarmed black men in this country now, all
      you have to do is passively claim that you were “disrespected” and voila
      you’re free .You will instantly become a hero to black people far and
      wide, touring BET, rapping about how many ho’s you f*ck raw, get endorsements from all the so-called “Rev’s”, start dating strippers and get
      out of traffic tickets by dropping the”,do you know who I am”, line.
      Ain’t being black great?

    • Pickee

      The only racist I see here is you.

    • IndependentVet


      Char Char Binks

      4 hours ago
      According to n36r0 rules, No_Limit_Nigga was entitled to jess blood Zimmerman a little.

      Last I checked, using the “N” word is racist. You must be blind.

    • Char Char Binks

      That’s what he called HIMSELF. Trayvon was his slave name.

    • IndependentVet

      not what his birth cert said.

    • Char Char Binks


    • IndependentVet


    • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

      It’s legal to shoot unarmed whites too. It all depends on the persons BEHAVIOR not their race you fool.

    • YEP!

    • Ryan Sebrasky

      Stop crying. It is legal to shoot someone who gets out of their car and threatens you. IT IS LEGAL. It isn’t right but it is ok in this country. So stop crying like a bitch over a situation you know nothing about. Sick of people like you.

    • b sailor

      I’ll stop crying like a bitch when you stop defending these guys like your their bitch. Your hero, now start sending him fan letters like you know you want to.

    • No Man

      Yeah, because that’s exactly what is going to happen, you tool! He was released because the authorities felt he wasn’t a flight risk, or he’s f-ing nuts, which obviously he is because sane people don’t go around executing people, either way, he is going to spend the rest of his twisted life behind bars or in a max mental institution.
      How about let’s wait and see what the outcome is before rushing to half-assed conclusions?

  • Darrell Simon

    Everybody with an agenda hops right in….Its so important to get some facts straight, does anyone know what happened? what led up to the shooting? Its aso easy to be manipulated by the media to start ugliness.

    Would it be too much to let the facts come out before judging?

    • Eugene Wright

      “what led up to the shooting?”
      An unarmed man appearing to apologize!

    • LisaDe

      McKnight wasn’t armed so really who cares what led up, there isn’t enough here to justify shooting an unarmed person to death in broad daylight at a public intersection.

    • Char Char Binks

      McKnight was armed with enough muscle to play in the National Felons League, and he probably used steroids and had CTE. Anyway, he was road-raging, and thought he had the privilege of using his strength to bully and assault, and probably beat, an older, weaker man. I celebrate his death.

  • CORoadie

    He killed an African-American in Louisiana. Prison? Nah, no doubt they will give him a medal for killing an unarmed man who was apologizing for whatever had pissed this deplorable human being off. After all he was just exercising his Second Amendment Rights. My heart goes out to Mr. McKnight’s friends and family. I hope, but don’t expect, his killer to be sentenced to many, many years behind bars.

    • Char Char Binks

      What’s wrong with killing an African-American? It’s not against the law.

  • Eugene Wright

    This guy is typical of the benignly racist Trump voter who feels a greater sense of entitlement and empowerment now that their hero is in the White House. They feel things have been put right and America is once again a place where there is an advantage to being born white.
    Of course not ALL Trump voters are racists (although some who are don’t acknowledge it) but they are pretty much all enablers of racism by ignoring or dismissing it!
    This is something I’m sure this guy has wished he could do a thousand times before. Now something has changed (at least in his perverted mind).

    • Char Char Binks

      Do you know the guy, or do you just know the color of his skin?

  • LisaDe

    I bet Gasser voted for Trump. Why did Gasser have a fire-arm? And wen is this kind of stuff going to stop?

    • Char Char Binks

      I hope you get raped to death by a pack of dindus.

  • b sailor

    Only racist apathetic whites think that an unarmed teenager on the phone coming back from the store deserved to die at the hands of another racist apathetic half white. The George Zimmerman case was a joke, all the evidence against him wasn’t allowed, but Trayvon Martin was in affect the one put on trial.

    • Char Char Binks

      All the made-up evidence against GZ wasn’t allowed.

  • iPayForSexxx

    I blame McKnights dad for not being there..

  • He could also be found innocent ( remember the concept of innocent until guilty) due to circumstances and / or facts uncovered during the investigation and trial.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    The quote sad to be from Gasser in this article is a blatant lie. Just like with Ferguson, Missouri, all we got were lies in the beginning about an innocent unarmed black boy being shot with his hands up by a white cop. Then more recently in Charlotte, NC we hear a WHITE cop shot an unarmed black man (Keith Lamont Scott) who was just reading a book in his car – more racist lies from the black witnesses and the dead guy’s wife. Turns out he was on dope, with a stolen hand gun, refused to drop it and was shot by a black cop.
    People need to stop coming to instant conclusions in these cases. Time will tell what happened here but the odds that this guy just decided to murder a black man in an intersection for no reason are slim to none. If the white guy feared for his life cause the black guy was enraged and got out of his car and tried to get at Gasser, then he had every right to shoot the fool.

  • Rabid

    All minorities need to carry guns, if a white guy approaches you in a threatening manner just shoot him.if everyone is armed then maybe people wont be so quick to scream at each other.

    • Black people already shoot, rape and assault White people in epidemic numbers.

  • holycow

    The difference with the Will Smith road rage to this one is that Will Smith’s wife was shot and got a lawyer to make sure the killer was arrested and stayed in jail. Which he did. McKnight’s family needs to do the same and the District Attorney will be forced to comply if their attorney makes a case such as the killer could endanger other people before the investigation is over and a decision is made as to charges that he willfully killed McKnight, especially if the witnesses are reliable that say they saw him fire a round into him after he was on the ground. Gasser will be running this shooting over and over in his head now and freaked out when he walks out his door or answers a plumbing call that he can not identify as an old customer. Gasser being so small (he looks like he is only 5’4″) will easily be intimidated and may wish he was charged so he could be safe until the investigation is over. The D.A. was nuts to release him for he could easily shoot someone again out of fear. Maybe he will change his story or ask to be held for his own safety … either way McKnight’s family needs to hire their own investigator and criminal attorney right away.

    • Char Char Binks

      Do you think it’s okay for a 26-year-old 5′ 11″, 205 pound National Felons League player to beat up a 54 year old 5′ 4″ man? Did McKnight have more rights than Gasser? Or did he just have black privilege?

  • IndependentVet

    Right…and Eric Frein, Timothy McVeigh, Ryan Lanza, Richard Dear, John
    Houser, the Columbine shooters and Dylann Roof (and no doubt many more), all seem to be ignored by commenters here.. They are all white. They are all murderers. All/most have killed multiple people. But I find it fascinating that the righties viciously attack Blacks’ (who may deserve some blame), but completely fail at recognizing the vicious savages within our own white communities. Most of these “white men” killed children! The FBI continues to state that white conservative men have killed more and are more of threat than terrorists since 9/11. But cops continue killing unarmed Blacks.

    The next president has his hands full trying to unify this country while his supporters are using the “N” word (see below); resorting to asinine race-baiting comments (i.e. afros, Congo, savages) to dehumanize Black men. It seems to me, that reading these individuals comments, they never, ever look in the mirror to see who the real savages are because they are afraid of what they see and who they are. But all of them, seem to have another thing in common: They sure are fearful individuals itching to re-prosecute the Civil War and bring back slavery.

  • IndependentVet

    I also find it fascinating that righties on here commenting are making broadsweeping generalizations about all blacks. Using their logic, since Dylann Roof is a racist monster, all whites, should be condemned to go ‘back to the Congo’, and we should instantly make broadsweeping generalizations against our own community then. It also appears that if a righties feel that they never race-bait and only the democrats do it. And everyone else is guilty of it. There’s way too much evidence that the far right engages in race-baiting to go into. From the Southern Strategy of the 60s right up to how trump won the election with stirring up racists Matt Heimbach, David Duke, white nationalists, and the KKK, who incidentally, will be throwing a parade tomorrow in No. Carolina, in his honor of winning the White House. Meanwhile, trump’s ex-butler rages on about how he wants Obama “lynched” (but righties don’t think that is race-baiting); or ex-Montana GOP chair Jen Olsen’s infamous “watermelon trap” for Obama, that led to the end of her political career; GOP, ex-NRO, John Derbyshire’s racist columns that got him fired; and, Cliven Bundy’s infamous racist comments about Blacks and slavery. GOPers, glaze right past these examples and pretend that they don’t exist or don’t know how to google or will attack the messenger, in an attempt to make themselves feel better…but it doesn’t make those examples go away!

  • This Was All Total Road Rage On The Part Of The Black Guy Joe McKnight!

    Ronald Gasser The White Guy Was Sitting In His Car At The Stop Light And Joe McKnight Pulled Up Next To Him Screaming And Yelling As He Got Out Of His Car Charging Ronald Gasser’s Car! Joe McKnight Was Attacking Ronald Gasser! Ronald Gasser Than Shot Joe McKnight From Inside His Own Car! Ronald Gasser Never Got Out Of His Car! The Black Women Who Made The Statements That Ronald Gasser Got Out Of His Car And Stood Over Joe McKnight Shooting Him Saying I Told You Not To F’ With Me Is All A Total Lie! She Made It Up An Lied Just Like All The Black People That Lied That Michael Brown Had His Hands Up When He Was Shot By The Cop! He Was Charging And Attacking The Cop! Same Thing Here In This Case! Donald Gasser Was Set Free Because The Cops Got More Numerous Statements From Other More Credible Believable Witnesses Black & White That Told The Truth!

    Now There’s People Coming Out Saying That Joe McKnight Might Have “CTE”
    Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Concussion Syndrome From Playing Football Which Makes You Feel Basically Suicidal, Depressed, Socially Inept And Makes You Act Out With Erratic Behavior/Poor Judgment And Basically Makes You Crazy/Nut!!!

    Ronald Gasser Stood His Ground!”NOT GUILTY”

    • Char Char Binks

      If McKnight had CTE, then that’s even better for Gasser’s self defense claim– he was assaulted by a roided-up, road-raging, brain-damaged lunatic!

  • cicada69

    so, he gets to go home. no ankle monitor. nothing.
    > a black man can go to jail ( be “held”) without charges while being ‘investigated’ for a sidewalk stop.
    Lack of justice / equality is enfuriating!

    • Char Char Binks

      You want a conviction before a trial, and even before an investigation? Gasser is white, so that’s all the evidence you fascists need.

  • Ryan Sebrasky

    Being a tough guy in this country either results in you being murdered or you committing the murder. Either way acting tough is stupid. Clearly.

  • MACK91

    I saw a video of a mob beating a Guy in Chicago after an accident. Guess this guy didn’t want to get beat up.

  • SoonerfanTU

    “resting by his blue Infinity”

    What a BS way of describing it. You know good and damn well the cops took his gun, and TOLD him to sit there, while they worked the crime scene. Heck, it even appears he is handcuffed in that picture. But he is “resting”, right?. Articles like this are a big part of the problem.

  • b sailor

    Kill your neighbors dog and face serious jail time, kneel for the national anthem and white America wants your head for it, but shoot down a black man and you’ll read every keyboard pundit race to justify the action.

    • Char Char Binks

      You love torturing animals, huh? I bet you’ll be crying when the cops arrest you for all the rapes you’ve committed.

  • b sailor

    If you are black your” race baiting,” if you’re white your a, “truth teller, “. White privilege is worth it’s weight in gold.

    • Char Char Binks

      Boo hoo! The bad po po man woan lemme beet up fokez jess fo bein wite!

  • b sailor

    So how long before Trump gives this spineless goon and his punk ass counterpart Zimmerman the Congressional Medal of Freedom for their services to the new American cause.

    • Char Char Binks

      Trump is no fan of Zimmerman’s. Google it. But Gasser had the right to defend himself from a deadly assault, just like GZ.

  • b sailor

    It sure is good to be white

    • It sure is. That’s why everyone complains about racist White people and White Flight, and then those same people go out of their way to move to White areas.

  • b sailor

    If he is ever charged and thats a big if you can bet all of the important evidence against him will not be allowed, but every character damaging piece of conjecture will be brought up against Joe to show that in some twisted way he deserved it.

    • Char Char Binks

      He may not have DESERVED to get shot, but he probably EARNED it.

  • brickboo

    The bitch lied! Gasser was in his car and all 3 shell casing were found in his car. McKnight was coming toward Gasser’s car. When you have big muscles and get out of your car and head for my car with road rage in your eyes, I will blow you away too, be you White, Black Yellow or Purple. If you’re a big tough intimidating guy I suggest that you keep your ass in your car and go home.

    You may be coming toward a man and his kid is in the back seat who is terrified and he may grab his Dad’s gun from under the seat and blow your ass away too.

    It’s too dangerous to push your muscles around. Muscles and knives don’t work very well against a terrified kid with a gun, or an older man or woman with a gun. Don’t be so damn stupid.

    This is not offering an excuse for shooting anyone. if he would have drove off, he’d be getting ready to play football today.

  • We need a full investigation of McKnight and his likely racially motivated attack on Gasser who probably felt his life was in danger. The racist McKnight tried to use his Black Privilege to harass and intimidate another motorist based on the color of his skin. His Black Privilege was revoked in this instance.

    • Char Char Binks

      We have no more reason to suspect that McKnight was motivated by race than Gasser was. Of course, that doesn’t keep SJW idiots from assuming implicit by on the part of Gasser, and presuming him guilty of murder.

  • Chuckl8

    Gasser was in another road-rage altercation ten years ago, where he was the instigator. He was released then, too. Very typical Louisiana “justice.”

  • Kyle

    This is BS. why does everything always have to involve race??? none of us know gasser personally so we cant be the ones the decide it was a hate crime. it could be or it couldnt be. we dont have the right to make that decision.