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Cardell Hayes Testifies He Shot & Killed NFL Star Will Smith in Self-Defense Despite No Evidence to Support Claims

Cardell Hayes testified Saturday (Dec. 10) that he shot Smith 8 times because he felt his own life was at risk, but there's no evidence to support his claims.

Ronald Gasser: Some Things You Need to Know About the Man Who Shot & Killed Former NFL Player Joe McKnight

Former New York Jets running back Joe McKnight (28) was shot and killed Thursday (Dec. 1) in Louisiana during a road rage incident. Police have...

Former NFL Running Back Joe McKnight Shot and Killed in Road Rage Incident

Former NFL running back Joe McKnight has been killed. The 28-year-old was shot multiple times Thursday afternoon (Dec. 1) in New Orleans in an apparent road rage altercation.

Watch This Man Go Completely Nuts in a Fight Over a Parking Spot

Fights over parking spots are pretty common, especially during the busy Holiday Season, but not many people take it to the extreme like this...

PTSD Demon: Marine Road Rages Over Minor Fender Bender

The men and women of the U.S. marines are some of the most elite and respected members of the armed forces. So why is...

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