Uber Driver Suspended After Getting Caught on Camera Receiving Oral Sex During Trip

An Uber driver has been suspended after a passenger recorded him receiving oral sex during the trip.

United Airlines Settles With Passenger Forcibly Dragged Off Overbooked Flight & Announces Policy Changes

United and Dr. David Dao, the passenger who was dragged off an overbooked flight, have reached an “amicable” settlement regarding the incident that sparked nationwide outrage.

The Internet Gets Into Heated Debate Over Reclining Airplane Seats

To recline or not to recline? The Internet has gone to war yet again for yet another cause, and this time, it's all over reclining...

U.S. Officials: Malaysia Airlines Jet Shot Down By Missile

UPDATE: Officials in the United States have concluded that the Malaysia Airlines jet that crashed between the Ukraine-Russia border today was shot down by a...

Indian Airline Wants Skinny Women Flight Attendants to Curb Fuel Costs

If your dream is to become a flight attendant for an Indian airline, make sure you're A.) a woman and B.) thin. GoAir has apparently...