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Guy Takes Girlfriend of 2+ Years to See “The Photograph” on Valentine’s Day Then Dumps Her Right Afterwards

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day about love and showing your significant other how much you appreciate them, but one man used that day as an opportunity to give his girlfriend one last date before ending their relationship.

Mugshot Madness: Georgia Woman Shot Up McDonald’s & Led Police on High Speed Chase After Getting Cold Fries

Lillian Shantel Tarver is accused of shooting up a Georgia McDonald's and also leading police on a high speed chase all because she received cold fries.

Mugshot Madness: Florida Man Arrested for Faking 911 Call & Shooting at Responding Paramedics

A Florida man is facing multiple felony charges after police say he faked a 911 call then shot at emergency responders.

Why Does Justin Bieber Think It’s OK to Eat a Burrito Like This?!

Does Justin Bieber know how to eat a burrito? Apparently, the f**k not.

Dennis Rodman Tells the Stories of How He Broke His Dick Three Times

We all know Dennis Rodman. The eccentric player who played with Michael Jordan on his championship teams. You know, the one who wears dresses...

Jay Z’s Alleged Mistress Releases “Sorry Mrs. Carter” Beyoncé Diss Video

Karlie Redd, come get your little sister. Unless you've been enjoying much needed time alone under a rock, you know that Beyoncé and Jay Z...

Foolish Teens Tweeted Bomb Jokes to American Airlines in Response to Dutch Girl’s Arrest

Earlier this week, a 14-year-old Dutch girl known simply as "Sarah" learned the hard way that it's never a good idea to tweet threats...

George Zimmerman Still Wants to Fight; Calls Out Drake, Diddy, Orlando Jones

If you thought that whole George Zimmerman celebrity boxing match thing was over, think again. Last month it was reported that the match had been...

Mugshot Madness: Why is This Crazy-Looking Man Covered in White Powder?

Sadly, we have no answer to that very important question. But we do have the details on why this guy was arrested. And it's...

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