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Game 6: L.A. Lakers Vs. Utah Jazz

Kobe Bryant pushed it to the limit last night as usual!!! The Los Angeles Lakers won the last game of the series between the Utah Jazz (4-2) by 3 (108-105). Kobe Bryant was injured a few games back but could that stop him from [...]

Game 5: L.A. Lakers Vs. Utah Jazz

The Lakers win again! They can't whoop Kobe at home on his worst night! The L.A. Lakers defeat the Utah Jazz by 7 points in the final score (111-104). Kobe Bryant scored 26 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds to lead the series (3-2). Kobe responded on the win last night and he said [...]

[VIDEO RECAP] Game 4: Utah Jazz Vs. L.A. Lakers

http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/player.swf?mediaId=3391152&n8pe6c=2 The Los Angeles Lakers unfortunately loss to the Utah Jazz yesterday by 8 after going to overtime (123-115) but the series is still tied...

[VIDEO RECAP] Game 3: L.A. Lakers Vs. Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz won Game 3 against the Los Angeles Lakers at home by 5 (104-99). The Lakers still lead the series for now...

Game 2: L.A. Lakers Vs. Utah Jazz

(Photos: Getty Images) The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Utah Jazz once again which is no surprise. Kobe Bryant still continues to dominate right...

Game 1: L.A. Lakers Vs. Utah Jazz

The Los Angeles Lakers win again! With Kobe on the court there's no hope! The Lakers win against the Utah Jazz by 11 (109-98)....

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