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Kawhi Leonard to Sign With the Los Angeles Clippers, Who Traded Oklahoma For Paul George

Kawhi Leonard is taking his talents to Los Angeles to play with the Clippers, and he's not going alone. He'll be joined by All-Star forward Paul George, who was traded to the Clippers from the Oklahoma City Thunder for a collection of draft picks

LaVar Ball Says the Lakers “Will Never Win Another Championship” After Trading Lonzo for Anthony Davis (VIDEO)

After the Lakers traded Lonzo Ball and a group of other young players to the Pelican for Anthony Davis, Lonzo's big mouth daddy LaVar Ball says he guarantees Los Angeles "will never win another championship" again.

New Orleans Pelicans Agree to Trade Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram & Others

The New Orleans Pelicans have agreed to trade Anthony Davis to Los Angeles in exchange for a haul of young players, including Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks.

How Do You Replace Someone Like D-Rose? Pick Up D-Wade.

After the Heat lowballed veteran and Miami staple Dwyane Wade with a paltry $10 million offer, it was no surprise that the NBA All-Star...

The Hate is Real For Kevin Durant Following His Move to the Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant has widely been recognized as one of the most likable players in the NBA since joining back in 2007, and understandably so....

It’s Official: Kevin Durant Has Signed With the Golden State Warriors

For months now, people have been talking about where Kevin Durant would end up with his contract ending in OKC. Speculation ran rampant: some...

Andre Iguodala Posts Mysterious Tweet Following Kevin Durant Meeting

UPDATE: Kevin Durant Announces He's Signed With Golden State **** It’s no secret that the Golden State Warriors (as well as just about every team in...

Derrick Rose Happy to Be Traded to the New York Knicks Because He “Wants the Spotlight”

Chicago native and NBA All-Star point guard Derrick Rose is going to be leaving his hometown for the Big Apple following a trade between...

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