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Rich The Kid’s Wife Says Tori Brixx Set Him Up in Home Invasion Robbery

Rich The Kid's team believes the robbery was an inside job, and his estranged wife, Antonette Willis, has accused Tori Brixx of setting the whole thing up.

Rich The Kid Hospitalized After Getting Robbed at Gunpoint & Pistol-Whipped at Girlfriend Tori Brixx’s House

According to TMZ, the "Plug Walk" rapper was attacked and robbed at gunpoint in Los Angeles last night! "The beatdown was so severe, it landed him in the hospital," TMZ reports.

Lazy Burglar Arrested After Falling Asleep on the Job

There are plenty of professions where falling asleep on the job would be a no-no ... like surgeons, barbers, firemen, toll booth workers, prison...

(Almost) Burglar Dies After Cutting Himself on Glass While Breaking Into Home

Karma strikes again! A would-be burglar -- note the "almost" in the headline -- died after he cut himself on shards of glass while trying...

Burglar Killed After Falling Down the Stairs

Now this is something you don't hear every day -- A burglar was killed after he fell down a flight of stairs in the...

Man Who Broke Into His Ex Girlfriend’s House Just Wanted to Cuddle

Police say they arrested a Southern California man earlier this week after he broke into his ex girlfriend's home and crawled into her bed...

“Professionally Stupid” Couple Caught Napping in Home After Burglary

Police in Gainesville, GA say a man and a woman decided to take a nap after breaking into an elderly couple's vacant home last...

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