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Tyrese Granted Joint Custody of 10-Year-Old Daughter, Ex-Wife Denied Permanent Restraining Order

After several weeks of a messy custody battle, Tyrese was granted 50/50 custody of his 10-year-old daughter Shayla. The shared custody between Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson will begin in January.

Tyrese Checked for Weapons at Courthouse Following Emotional Breakdown, Friends Concerned About His Mental State

One day after his emotional breakdown, court bailiffs were so concerned of Tyrese’s mental state that they feared he may have brought weapons to his custody hearing.

Tyrese Suffers Emotional Breakdown Amid Custody Battle: “Please Don’t Take My Baby!”

Tyrese is begging the courts not to take his child away. He says he’s going broke paying legal fees, having trouble finding work because his ex-wife has tarnished his reputation, and his rich friends have not reached out to help.

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