Odell Beckham Jr. is back to making waves again.

The New York Giants wide receiver is currently training for the upcoming season. He decided to wind down in the locker room hot tub (like most athletes) but you know Beckham had to make it a little interesting and he’s somehow sparked gay rumors in the process.

In the short video that has gone viral, Beckham begins singing Marvin Gaye’s classic “Sexual Healing.” At the very end of the clip, teammate Dominique Rodger-Comartie emerges from the water.

This of course got folks on Twitter questioning the football player’s sexuality for the umpteenth time.




Speculation surrounding Beckham’s sexuality has been a popular topic of conversation in the past, I guess because he likes to dance and has a goofy personality?!

Those who actually understand sexuality and sexual orientation were quick to defend Beckham while also questioning what makes some straight men have a fragile sense of masculinity.




Beckham apparently saw all the commotion his clip was causing and responded with a simple tweet.

He clearly knows what’s being discussed, but his masculinity doesn’t seem to be as fragile as some. He’s basically trolling the net at this point and having fun. The haters are just gonna have to stay mad and spend their days wondering if this rich NFL star is gay.

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