Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James and Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green don’t exactly get along. It makes sense — they’re both fierce competitors on the court, and when those two kind of personalities meet, there’s bound to be some fireworks.

See Game 4 of the NBA Finals:

LeBron’s got a point. No man likes another guy who elbows him in his junk. And Green’s got a point, too. The man was just fulfilling his moral obligation, according to Charles Barkley, when all of the sudden he was suspended from a crucial Game 5.

The feud between the two has spread throughout their respective cities. Golden State fans didn’t hold back in showing their disdain for James following Green’s suspension in Game 5, blaming the star for their team’s loss. And Cleveland fans were less than welcoming when Green returned in Game 6. The bad blood there was no secret.

But after the Cavs’ Game 7 championship victory over the Warriors, it appears Green decided to take the high road and squash any beef he had with the game’s biggest superstar. As the Cavs celebrated their historic victory in Oracle Arena, a lone Warriors jersey appeared on screen.

And who else would it be but Draymond Green.

While most of the Warriors had retreated to their locker room, Green remained on the court, actively sought out James, and proceeded to hug the superstar and congratulate him on the victory.

So despite the popular depiction of Green as a dirty player, no one can deny that his actions Sunday night prove he is a classy player, competitor, and individual. Consider this beef officially squashed.

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