By now, people should realize that the things you say on social media can have adverse effects on your personal life.

One Twitter user who disrespected Steph Curry’s family and called his 3-year-old daughter an anti-gay slur, found that out the hard way after he got fired from his job. But based on his last tweet about the incident, despite losing his job, the guy apparently feels no remorse, and he says he’d do it all over again.

It all started when a Cavaliers Fan named Moe Wahdan, using the Twitter handle @SoftCaramelKiss, sent an offensive tweet to Steph Churry’s sister Sydel on Wednesday (Jun 8) about 12 hours before the start of Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

Sydel, who plays volleyball for Elon University in Elon, North Carolina, got her day started by tweeting to her more than 30K followers that she was on a flight headed to Cleveland

Wahdan (@SoftCaramelKiss) responded to Sydel’s tweet, telling her that she and the rest of the Curry family should “get the f**k out of Cleveland,” and he also made a very obscene remark about Steph Curry’s daughter (Sydel’s niece) Riley.

“You and your whole family get the f**k out of Cleveland and take Riley’s f**got ass with you.”

The tweet has since been deleted, but the screenshot below (via Total Pro Sports) lives on.


Despite Wahden’s disrespectful tweet towards her family, Sydel responded in a very mature manner:

While Sydel was on her way to Cleveland with her family, a Twitter fanpage for the Warriors (@warriorsworld) took notice of Sydel’s interaction with Wahden and tweeted this:

From there, Wahden and Sydel’s Twitter interaction eventually made its way to Wahden’s employer, The Holton-Wise Property Group (a real estate company), which responded by immediately firing him. The company said in a later tweet that it “does not condone” the language used by Wahdan in his Tweet and that he had been “terminated” because of it.

When Sydel finally touched down in Cleveland and checked her Twitter, she was shocked to learn that the guy who was disrespectful to her family was now without a job.

Moe Wahden’s former employee sent the following statement to Complex:

Shortly after Moe made his inappropriate comments Twitter members started tagging The Holton-Wise Property Group twitter account (@HoltonWise). At about the same time this was happening, I was notified via email from multiple people who were offended by his actions.

I immediately investigated what was going on. I also stumbled upon his twitter account that had many tweets and posts that where wildly inappropriate. At Holton-Wise, we expect our employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. The behavior demonstrated by Moe towards the Curry family, as well as the inappropriate content I discovered while investigating what was happening with the Curry family tweets led me to terminate him immediately. We do not condone harassment or hate speech of any kind.

Holton-Wise Property Group also released a public apology to Steph Curry and his family:

The story doesn’t end here though.

Sydel had moved on with her life and was talking about other things on Twitter when Wahdan continued to tweet about the incident. He even gave himself credit for Curry’s poor performance in Game 3 that night.

After the game ended, Sydel engaged with @SoftCaramelKiss once again, this time asking for a one-on-one conversation, which eventually resulted in Sydel blocking him because he continued to lack chill and never acquired any.

@SoftCaramelKiss continued to tweet about the incident throughout the next day and retweeted dozens of messages from supporters. He even tweeted to his “boss” at his “full time job,” letting people know where they can “snitch” and his boss tweeted back.

He even said in a (now deleted) tweet that, despite losing his other job (he said in an earlier tweet that he would be “in another real estate office by tomorrow”), he would “do it again all over again.”




He may feel safe now… But ol’ buddy better watch out, because he is now on Riley’s radar:

h/t: Complex, Fox Sports

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