Shaquille O’Neal has a thing for Rihanna! Or at least he used to.

In a set of newly leaked text messages and e-mails from 2008, the now retired NBA star can be seen trying to get Newsweek reporter Allison Samuels to set him up with either her … or Pop superstar Rihanna.

Shaq and Samuels met when she was covering a Lakers game, and they’ve been friends ever since. In fact, Samuels helped write Shaq’s mom’s autobiography.

It is believed that Shaq was still with his wife Shaunie at the time the messages were sent (they were reconciling following their divorce in 2007).

During their conversation, Samuels tries to set the then basketball star up with several models and actresses, including Sessilee Lopez, Lauren London and Robinne Lee. Shaq also drops a bomb in the text exchanges when he reveals that Lauren London is “d wade’s girl” (referring to his former Miami Heat teammate Dwayne Wade, who is dating Gabrielle Union, and has been for a while now.)

Peep the messages below:

Samuels: Hi. [FYI, the email address bounces back]. Or I can give her your info? She’s not in the country until Wed so maybe then is better because she hasn’t answered me about something else I asked her about. Also she asked about your personal life and I told her_whatever it is_-I’m sure you had it under control. Still waiting on Robinne’s response.

Shaq: Sesslie aintdat fine whts robins last name

Samuels: You are so wrong! Robinne Lee_she’s on Tyler Perry’s show sometimes. Do you know Lauren London_I don’t_but I know James Lassiter knows how to reach her. You ever dealt with her_is she cool? Sharon Leal??

Shaq: Loren is d wade’s girl im not wrong sesslie aint my type u r

Samuels: What about Gabrielle and Dwyane?

Shaq: He gottem all I want u or rihanna

Samuels: Rihanna is too young_19– she is just legal and you know I’m very chatty and you said you didn’t like that!!!!!

Shaq: Yeah but I told u had a crush on me and u wouldnt chat about us i kn o u

Samuels: No_I’m chatty in a relationship_not to others. You just decided I had a crush on you huh?? When did you decide that?

But wait, there’s more. Not only was Shaq crushing on a Newsweek reporter and a Pop star … but he was also getting it in with a hot supermodel too!

In addition to the messages between the former NBA star and Newsweek’s Allison Samuels, a “freaky” text exchange between Shaq and model Dominica Wrestling (one of his mistresses) from February 2009 has been leaked too.

In these messages, Shaq’s thirstiness gets the best of him as he expresses his excitement after she texts him, and he responds with asking her where she wants him to “cum at” when he sees her.

Peep the exchange below:

Westling: I feel bad we lost contact. Hope you are well. I live in LA now so hit me up if you ever come out there

Shaq: O my god were r u can i have u bak i miss u to whts yur number pls baby i want u bak do u love me

Dominica: Yes I wanna see you, you know I can never forget about you. My number is [redacted by us]
[Twenty-three days later, Dominica sends Shaq an email with only the subject line “Muuaaahhh” and a photo that, judging by his reaction, didn’t depict a tray of freshly baked cookies.]

Shaq: Where can I cum at when I c u

Dominica: All over me, where do you wanna cum?

Shaq: In u foreva

Dominica: I miss that


“In u foreva?” — Grown men actually talk like that? Wow. (How romantic, lol)

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