Chicago Rapper Had His Own Mom Killed, Stole Her Money and Flexed on the Internet

It really gets no worse than this. A Chicago man was arrested for hiring his friends to kill his mother for financial gain.

24-year-old Qawmane Wilson — also known by his rap name “Young QC” — had his friends Eugene Spencer, 22, and 23-year-old Loriana Johnson (all three pictured above) shoot and stab his mother Yolanda Holmes to death at her apartment in September 2012, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Wilson’s 45-year-old mother was the owner of a popular Chicago hair salon Nappy Headz and was known for organizing community events at her shop.

Just a week after his mother’s death, Wilson gained access to more than $90,000 from his mother’s bank account and life insurance policies.

Police were able to piece clues together after Wilson was seen flaunting luxurious cars, jewelry, clothes, money and more on his Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.

Wilson, who has his mother’s name tattooed to his shoulder, according to the Tribune, was arrested last Sunday (Dec 22) and is being charged with murder and home invasion.

Cook County Judge Adam Bourgeois, Jr. called the murder a “heinous act” and ordered all three suspects held without bail Tuesday.

The whole thing was enough for fellow Chicago Rapper and trouble-maker Lil Reese (of alll people…SMH) to call the rapper known as “Young QC” out on Twitter for his atrocious act towards his own mother.

On Tuesday, Lil Reese tweeted (via VladTV):

Well… we all do know one thing: this is guy going to burn in HELL! Like, who has their mom, the same woman who gave you life, killed over material possessions or ANYTHING at all, for that mater? WTF dude???



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  • karma101

    I saw the story here and I bet his trial will be on this channel 2..what kind of evil does that to your own Mom?!?!? sad!

  • Kij

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  • matthunterrlf .

    Could someone please translate the “lil reese” tweet. I apologize but I am an American and do not understand that “language”.

    • Sean Radford

      Im American too….what the fuck does that have to do with anything. Aint no body got time to help your dumb ass out…

    • johndodod

      its a genuine question; I could not understand as well what he wrote; thanks Gossip for helping us out

    • Guest14

      OG means old girl that’s what Midwest, n some southern states people call their mother. So he basically say you don’t kill your mother you kill for her instead.

    • He’s basically saying “you’re not supposed to kill your family … you’re supposed to kill FOR your family.” You’re welcome :)

    • Amen

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  • sayWHAT

    OMMFG! this CAN’T be a true story?! how bout i juuuuuuust finished watching YouTube videos, that were posted in May, 2013, of him going to the bank (Chase), withdrawing money($20,000), and going back to his hood just throwing all freely in some parking lot to a lot of people he claims to be “fans” and “supporters” tho? fans and supporters or WHAT? killing his own momma for money? LAWD! this cant be a true story……….?

    • keira

      he has a youtube web series called nicks story , thats how i found out what he did to his mom

    • bernardmiller

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