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Aspiring Chicago Rapper Young QC Sentenced to 99 Years in Prison for Paying Friend to Kill His Mom & Flexing Her Life Insurance Money on Social Media

Qaw'mane Wilson was just 23 years old back in September 2012 when he hired his friend to kill his mother, Yolanda Holmes. Now, at the age of 30, the Chicago man has been sentenced to 99 years in prison for the heinous crime officials described as "matricide."

Qawmane Wilson (aka Young QC) Was Not Raped & Killed in Jail

The Chicago rapper who had his mother killed for her life insurance money is NOT dead despite reports saying he was raped and killed in prison.

Qawmane Wilson (aka Young QC) Trial Is “Taking Forever,” Says Family Friend

It's been over a year since Qawmane Wilson -- the former aspiring rapper from Chicago known as "Young QC" -- was accused of orchestrating...

12 Reasons Why Qawmane Wilson aka Young QC’s New Prison Buddies Will Love Him Long Time

24-year-old Chicago native Qawmane Wilson was arrested last month for allegedly orchestrating the death of his own mother to enrich himself. Also known by his...

Chicago Rapper Had His Own Mom Killed, Stole Her Money and Flexed on the Internet

It really gets no worse than this. A Chicago man was arrested for hiring his friends to kill his mother for financial gain. 24-year-old Qawmane Wilson --...

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