Chief Keef Associate Lil Reese Beats Up Girl, Blames “Broke & Bored Haters” For Leaked Video Footage

Chicago rapper Chief Keef and his GBE crew just can’t seem to shake the negative press that continues to follow them.

While Chief Keef himself deals with a probation violation, and following the drama surrounding the shooting death of another young Chicago rapper Lil JoJo, Keef’s rap associate Lil Reese is facing some controversy of his own after a video showing the teen rapper beating up a young woman was posted to WorldStarHipHop.

The shaky camera phone footage shows a young man (Lil Reese) arguing with a young woman at her house. “Who the f**k let them in here though?” the girl says of Reese and his goons.

After a little back-and-forth, the argument turns physical and the two exchange pushes and shoves before Reese unleashes a fury of fists all over that poor girl’s face.

Even after the young lady hit the floor, the rapper continued to attack her, kicking and punching her for several seconds as she and her friends screamed in the background, and his friends just watch.

“We up outta hear bitch!” one of the kids is heard in the background saying multiple times before the video stops.

Confirming his presence in the clip, the Def Jam signee tweeted about it as soon as it was posted last night, claiming that it was recorded “years” ago:

In response to his ignorant tweet, in which he blames “bored” and “broke” haters for leaking the footage, some of his more intelligent followers fired back with:

Some folks are saying the girl in the video is Reese’s baby mama, but we have yet to hear that from any credible news sources, though Reese having a kid at his age wouldn’t even be a surprise.

And unfortunately, this video is something we would expect from Chief Keef and his crew of ratchet rappers who laugh at and ridicule the death of another young man, then blame “Twitter hackers.”

This is clearly unacceptable and something needs to be done about it before these kids grow up thinking that stuff like this is okay.

  • sheila lunsford

    I can not find words to express my anger over this video.. A boy who punches a woman is a coward. Whew!!! hm, hm hm. And the girl with the gold pants on – was she helping him & the other guy was he punching him too. He’s a punk and should loose whatever affiliations he has with Def Jam! the entire crew. And I hope she presses charges and is doing okay.

  • Mel3177

    This young punk attributes absolutely NOTHING to the music industry and society as a whole!!! An oxygen thief (smfh)! I say a bunch of REAL street thugs need to get there hands on him and give him a real beatdown!!! Any man that could beat a defenseless woman (the way he did her) deserves to be beat himself. Karma is a b*tch however…his time is coming!

  • ProfessorPolecat

    Lil Scumbag is more like it.

  • See Jan Run

    I don’t give a damn if she was his “baby mama” That right there was just plain disgusting.. He’s nothing but a straight up PUNK!!



  • disqus_X1l6mdXtP5

    A Cheif keef and reese matter fact da whole GBE yall sum mothafucka suckaz str8 up niggaz yall lucky dat aint my sister cuz i promise yall sorry muthafuckaz i wud have seen bout yall soft as cotton i dnt see yall beefn wit no real niggaz cum ta atlanta bitches n c wats up

  • reese fan 1000

    lil reese go hard that bitch got what she deserved

  • Hell yea beat that bitch up!!
    Free lil resse