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Joe Jackson Is Dying of Terminal Cancer, Family Saying Last Goodbyes

According to TMZ, the Jackson family patriarch has been battling cancer for some time, and his battle is nearing the end, as he is currently on his deathbed.

Joh’Vonnie Jackson: Michael & Janet’s Half-Sister Discusses Complicated Family Relationship in Memoir “Bastard Child” (VIDEO)

Did you know Michael Jackson, Janet, and the rest of the Jackson kids have a half-sibling? Joh’Vonnie Jackson is Joseph Jackson’s youngest child from a 25-year long affair and she’s telling her story in her memoir, "Bastard Child."

Janet Jackson to Her Older Brothers: Get A Frikkin’ Job, You Lazy Bums! (Report)

Whether or not Janet Jackson is technically a billionaire is moot point. Regardless of whether or not she's swimming in an ocean of money...

Call Aunt Janet, Paris Jackson Has Been Losing it Since Last Year

The build up to Paris Jackson's alleged suicide attempt has reportedly lasted for a year. School officials have opened their mouths to the press,...

Michael Jackson’s Nephew Taj Responds to Wade Robson, Reveals Own Molestation

Michael Jackson's nephew, Taj Jackson (Tito's son), has taken to Twitter to tell Wade Robson, "You's a lie." Responding directly to Wade Robson's allegations that...

The Jackson Family Doesn’t Want Anyone to Know Michael’s Kids Aren’t His Biologically, or That They’re Broke

Ain't this a bitch? Michael Jackson's family is in the middle of a lawsuit against AEG for hiring Dr. Conrad Murry, who ultimately has...

No Hands: TMZ Retracts Story Accusing Janet Jackson of Slapping Her Niece Paris

If there's one thing Janet Jackson wants to make clear, it's that she's no Joe Jackson. A few weeks ago, TMZ erroneously spread misinformation that...

Prince Michael Jackson Speaks Out Against Family Drama: “I’m Really Angry and Hurt!”

Since she has been the most vocal, many would assume 14-year-old Paris Jackson to be the oldest of Michael Jackson's three children ... but...

Jackson Family Drama: Janet and Paris Exchange Slaps and Curse Words; Jermaine Punched in the Mouth; Randy Put in Headlock?

What in the hayell is going on with The Jacksons? That's the question that's on everyone's minds following multiple reports from TMZ, regarding the famous...

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