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Soulja Boy Does Ultimate No-No & Brings Chris Brown’s Daughter Into Their Beef, Chris Issues Angry Warning in Instagram Video

The fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy is apparently really about to go down, and Soulja has gotten really dirty by bringing Chris' daughter Royalty into their beef

Chris Brown Wins Big in Custody Battle with Nia Guzman, Will Retain Joint Custody of 2-Year-Old Royalty

Chris Brown has not been known to make the best decisions over the past few years. His multiple run-ins with the law and bad...

Chris Brown Needs a Timeout From the Baby Mama Drama With Nia Guzman

Another day, another night, the games Nia plays, makes Chris Brown wanna fight. Ever since we found out that Chris Brown nutted up in some...

Chris Brown Accuses Baby Mama of Using Daughter Royalty as “Meal Ticket”

Chris Brown feels like his baby mama Nia Guzman is using their daughter Royalty as a "meal ticket." Brown called out Guzman on Twitter after she filed docs requesting supervised visits between Chris and Royalty.

Baby Mama Drama: Chris Brown Seeking to Establish Paternity of Daughter Royalty

Sh*t just got real. Chris Brown is tired of playing games with his baby mama Nia Guzman and he's filing legal documents to establish paternity...

Chris Brown Moving Baby Mama to L.A. So He Can Help Raise His Daughter

Chris Brown is serious about being a hands-on dad to his nearly 1-year-old daughter Royalty. In fact, he's so serious that according to TMZ, the singer/rapper...

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