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Japanese Gold Digger Leaves Her Husband 1 Week After Marrying Him & Spending All of His Money

Japanese model Kato Sari announced in a YouTube video that her divorce was finalized. She left the wealthy real estate company manager one week after they tied the knot in September after he told her that he could no longer financially support her lavish lifestyle and excessive spending.

Japanese Man Cut Cheating Wife’s Lover’s Penis Off & Flushed It Down the Toilet

There's mad, there's angry, there's pissed off ... and then there's JUST PLAIN CRAZY.

Hong Kong Billionaire Offering $65 Million To ANY Man Who Can Turn His Lesbian Daughter Straight

Looking for a quick way to score an extra $65 million bucks? A billionaire business man from Hong Kong is offering over $60 million...

Nicki Minaj Wears Green Wig and Popcorn Dress in Tokyo [PHOTOS]

With just weeks left until the release of her next album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded," Nicki Minaj flew to Tokyo, Japan to kick off...

Gonorrhea Superbug Found in Japan!

If there were any time to stress to people that they really need to "wrap it up" ... it would be NOW! According to new...

Forever 21 Pledges to Donate an Entire Day’s Worth of Global Online Sales to Japan

Apparently ... celebrities aren't the only ones stepping up to the help the victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami. Billion dollar companies are getting...

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Aftermath [PHOTOS]

An earthquake measuring an 8.9 on the Richter scale struck northern Japan this past Friday (Mar 11), triggering tsunamis that sent a massive wave filled...

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