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Google Offers Job to Black Artist Who Created Viral Juneteenth Doodle

Davian Chester, the 26-year-old artist who took it upon himself to create a Google Doodle for Juneteenth after Google failed to do it themselves, has been offered a job by the search giant.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Explains to Congress Why Googling “Idiot” Shows Donald Trump

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was recently put in the awkward position of explaining to Congress why photos of Donald Trump were being presented when...

“Chaka Khan Net Worth” Google Result Is Giving the Internet Lots of LOLs

Googling "Chaka Khan net worth" returns a photo of Nick Ashford, and the Internet is having a whole field day over it.

Former Florida Official Shot in the Head by Wife Over Google Search Dispute; Wife Charged With Attempted Murder

Former Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency executive director Tony Brown, 58, was airlifted to UF Health Hospital on Tuesday (May 29) after being shot in the back of the head by his wife, Lawanda Brown. She has been charged with attempted murder.

Google Accused of Rigging Search Results to Favor Hillary Clinton

The internet is supposed to be a bastion of hope for the free exchange of information and ideas. People flock to it in the hopes...


"Is Gmail Down?" YES. And it's not just you, either. GMAIL IS DOWN FOR EVERYONE RIGHT NOW. Gmail is down. Guess we can all just go...

Why Google+ Will Never Beat Facebook

Google+'s traffic is taking a long slide down the shitter, having lost last month's entire 1269% traffic spike. Reading this forced me to remember it exists....

Google is the First Internet Company to Reach 1 Billion Unique Visitors in 1 Month!

It's only a matter of time before Google takes over the world. And now that they have made history as the first Internet company...

Russian Stripper Breaks Into Google HQ by Following Blind Employee

Even Google can't stop a stripper from getting in... Read more below: Vera Svechina, an amateur filmmaker and former stripper from Russia, followed a blind Google...

Lady Gaga Sits Down with Google for Hour-Long Interview [VIDEO]

Earlier this week, pop sensation Lady GaGa linked up with some of her former college classmates for a special interview on ‘Musicians@Google Presents: Google Goes...

G-Mail Accidentally Deleted Tens of Thousands of E-mail Accounts

Oops! Tens of thousands of Gmail users found themselves locked out of their accounts Sunday, a glitch Google engineers were still struggling to fix and...

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