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Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular Blue Smith Arrested for Punching Disney World Employee After COVID-19 Joke

Spectacular Blue Smith of the group Pretty Ricky was arrested Monday (Nov. 30) after he allegedly assaulted a Walt Disney World employee who asked him to stop joking about COVID-19.

Georgia Mom Arrested After Attempting to Enter Disney World With 2 Guns & Weed Hidden in Diaper Bag

A Georgia mom planned to take her two children to enjoy the magical experience of Disney World, but unfortunately they didn't even make it past the front gate because the mom was arrested by security.

Mugshot Madness: Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Groping Disney Princess at Disney World

A man was arrested at Disney World in Florida after a park employee in costume as a Disney Princess said he groped her while posing for a photo.

Alligator Dragged 2-Year-Old Boy Into Lake Near Disney World in Orlando

This has not been a good week for the city of Orlando, Florida. Following the tragic murder of singer Christina Grimmie and the mass shooting at...

Walt Disney World Confirms Bill Cosby Bust Statue Removal

A spokesman for the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlanfo, Florida confirmed today that a bronze bust statue of Bill Cosby has been removed...

Old Man Kicked Out of Disney World Because He Looked Too Much Like Santa Claus

Thomas Tolbert, with his rosy cheeks and his fluffy white beard, can't help that he looks like Santa Clause. But that didn't stop the friendly...

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