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Brittney Jones: Judge Denies Request to Drop Charges Against Woman Who Performed Sex Acts in Florida Courthouse

Jones’ lawyer argued the law used to charge her is “unconstitutionally vague” because it does not explicitly define what “unnatural sex” is and leaves it open to interpretation for citizens

Brittney Jones Arrested Weeks After Performing & Filming Oral Sex in Florida Courthouse

Brittney Jones evaded authorities for as long as she could, but, unfortunately, her luck just ran out.

Brittney Jones’ “Baby Daddy” Jeremiah Robinson Turns Himself in to Police Over Oral Sex Courthouse Video

Jeremiah Robinson has turned himself in to authorities after receiving oral sex from Jones in a courthouse hallway. He's being held on $10,000 bond.

Brittney Jones Facing Charges After Performing Oral Sex in Courthouse and Posting Video on Twitter

26-year-old Brittney Jones and her male friend, Jeremiah Robinson, 36, are wanted on charges of unnatural and lascivious acts.

Brittney Jones: Florida Woman Performs Oral Sex on Camera in Courthouse Hallway, Posts Video on Twitter

It’s one thing to go viral. But one Jacksonville, Fla. woman took it to the next level and went viral by giving oral... while in a courthouse.

Who Is Brittney Jones & Why Is She On WorldStarHipHop Sucking D*ck?

A woman named Brittney Jones almost broke the Internet this past weekend when she posted a video on Facebook of herself performing fellatio on an...

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