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Volunteer in COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Dies in Brazil

A volunteer in AstraZeneca and Oxford University's coronavirus vaccine trial has died, Brazil's health authority Anvisa announced Wednesday (Oct. 21).

He Tried It: Brazil Gang Leader Caught Attempting to Escape Prison Dressed Up Like His Daughter

Clauvino da Silva (also known as "Shorty") was caught by authorities in Brazil trying to break out of the GericinĂ³ prison in Rio de Janeiro dressed like his own daughter.

Could Zika Impact U.S. Athlete Turnout at the 2016 Summer Olympics?

Zika, a mosquito born virus native to tropical countries has had a major outbreak in Brazil, which is also the home of the 2016...

Watch This Man Go Completely Nuts in a Fight Over a Parking Spot

Fights over parking spots are pretty common, especially during the busy Holiday Season, but not many people take it to the extreme like this...

Lindsay Lohan Will Party In Brazil Before Rehab

Usually having six highly publicized mug shots and an impending stint in rehab would cause anyone to lay low for a while. But not...

Brazil Nightclub Fire That Killed Over 200 People Caused By Penny-Pinching Band

A horrible, horrible decision made on behalf of the band that was playing the night a fire ripped through a Brazilian nightclub earlier this...

Dead Toddler Wakes Up At Funeral, Asks For Water, Then Dies Again

Brazilian news websites are reporting on a bizarre story about a two-year-old boy who, originally presumed dead, woke up at his own funeral, and...

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