Just last week, Boosie was admonishing Dwyane Wade for accepting his own child’s gender identity, and now, he’s making some highly questionable comments about his son’s friend’s facial features, saying that his lips are perfect for performing oral sex on a woman because they are “nice and fluffy.”

During a recent Instagram Live session, Boosie can be heard telling his teenage son, off-camera: “I’m gonna teach your friend how to eat p***y. You gotta give him about eight more months, mayne. I’ma teach him. About nine more months, mayne. Wait ’til he get in the 11th grade or something, dawg. For real, mayne. He don’t need to be munching yet, mayne. For real … that boy got a nice set of lips on his sh*t too.”

Boosie then turned to his son’s friend, who could not also be seen on camera: “Boy you gotta nice pair on you, boy!” in a tone reminiscent of a white slave master talking to a black mandingo.

He added: “Them bitches curl up and everythang! You got a nice pair of lips for a teenager! Them bitches nice! Them bitches nice and fluffy! All you gotta do is put them bitches on the p***y!”

As you can imagine, the Twitter responses are exactly what they should be. Disgust, shock, outrage, etc. with some reminding folks that this isn’t the first time Boosie (or “Bussy,” his new Twitter nickname) has proudly displayed homosexual tendencies.

Remember that time he said this time last year, in regards to the Jussie Smollett debacle: “d**k make you do some crazy shit?”

Then there was that one time he told that vivid story of walking in on two men having sex while he was in prison.

So, in this instance, his infatuation with a young male’s lips should definitely be questioned, but he’s Boosie and is apparently uncheckable on a much grander scale (besides Planet Fitness of course).

Anyhow … peep the Twitter responses below:

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