Mak gets the death penalty for Ghost. F**K THIS GUY!

Mak wants to bury Ghost. LITERALLY. “The DOJ approved the death penalty,” he happily tells Angela and Sandoval. This shocks Angela because she didn’t know he was going to take it THAT far, and now she REALLY feels like sh*t, as she should. All of this is her fault in the first place. If Ghost is convicted, he’s going to die by lethal injection, and that will be blood on her hands, and something she’ll have to live with for the rest of her life.

When Ghost finds out from Proctor, he’s visibly shaken. Ghost is always in control, but he has no control over this. Tasha looks like she saw a ghost (no pun intended) when she finds out, and you know Williams (Charlie Murphy) sees this as good news.

“They say it’s painless, but actually it’s not. The drugs paralyze you but you’re conscious… Then you have a heart attack, and sh*t all over yourself. Last one I saw, it took the dude a whole 45 minutes before he stopped twitching… And that’s exactly what’s gonna happen to you,” he says, smiling. R.I.P. Charlie Murphy, but f**k this Marshal Williams guy.

Angela’s back at home sipping on some wine (she didn’t drop the glass this time) and guess who’s knocking on her door? Tasha. And she’s PISSED. “You had my kids here and you’re gonna let their father die for something he didn’t do?” Then Angela explains everything to Tasha: the DNA, the gun and that Greg Knox was her boyfriend when she and Ghost started fooling around. Now, she’s even more pissed. “I swear to God, if you weren’t a cop…” she says to Angela, who replies, “BUT I AM. GOODNIGHT, TASHA.”

As Tasha’s leaving, Angela says that she wishes she never walked into Truth the night she reconnected with Jamie. “Now that we do agree on,” Tasha says as she walks away so as not to catch a charge. In the words of Young Dro, F**K THAT BITCH!

In probably the most heartbreaking scene of the episode (other than when the family went to visit him in jail), Ghost — err, I mean, JAMES — calls Tommy, fills him on the whole death penalty thing and begs him for his help. “I need you to take care of my family,” he says. Tommy says he’ll take care of everything and tells James to keep his head up. Both of them look like they want to break down in tears (hey, even th, and I can’t take it. THIS IS JUST TEW MURCH.

Random observations:

1.) Last week, you could tell Dre was NOT feeling Julio being the new distributor. Now I know why. Julio is a bitch. How you just gonna let Cristobal’s lackey (who looks like Sloth from the Goonies, btw) call you a “puto” and punch your boy like that, and you do nothing? I was glad when Tommy found out and ran his ugly azz over with his own car. That was probably the funniest scene of the entire episode. “YOU OKAAAAY?!” I live for Tommy’s crazy antics.

2.) That “snitch” guy is way too invested in Ghost and Tommy. His ears perked up hella high at the mention of the name “Tommy Egan.” Although I feel sorry for him because his wife is dying from cancer, I don’t trust this due. I could be wrong, but it looks like there’s some funny business going on with him.

3.) It was interesting hearing everyone refer to Ghost as “James” over the phone (because, as you know, phone calls from prison are recorded). I was waiting for someone — especially Dre — to slip up, but no one did. Good work, guys!

4.) I don’t think this can be said enough: Tariq needs his azz beat! By Ghost, Tasha, Tommy, the mailman, WHOEVER. I’m talking about one of those old school pick your switch off the tree (AND YOU BETTER NOT BRING IN A SMALL TWIG) type of azz whoopins. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of his sh*t.

5.) There was a lot of mention of Holly this episode. First, Keisha asked about her before she let Tommy hit it. He told her: “She’s gone and she ain’t coming back.” Then his mom brought her up when she noticed that he had retrieved his grandmother’s ring, which he now wears around his neck. “I got rid of her,” he tells her. Uhh… read between the lines, ladies. He’s basically telling you he killed Holly.

5.) And, once again, f**k that Jon Mak guy. He’s the worst. And I thought Angela was bad. SHEESH.

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