Tariq continues to be an insufferable little brat.

Y’all. Tariq is stressing me out. Is he stressing you out? Because he’s definitely stressing me out. BIG TIME. I can’t take it. This boy just CANNOT be this dumb, can he?

Tariq’s loyalty is nowhere near in the right place. During breakfast, Raina innocently asks when her dad is coming home, and Tasha can’t give her a definite timeline. “That means he did it,” Tariq says. Tasha snaps on the little jerk, but still, not in the way that she should. When is she going to put her hands on him? That boy is too young for a mouth that slick. This is why spanking your children should never be frowned up. Sometimes they need it. You can tell Tariq hasn’t received a good ol’ fashioned butt whipping a day in his life.

“Your father would NEVER kill anyone,” Tasha tells Tariq. But he’s not convinced, because he has Kanan in his ear telling him “[your dad] did that sh*t.” Look, Tariq, I know you’re mad with your dad for cheating on your mom, but… bruh. You cannot just be trusting folks off the street who say they know your pops. There’s a reason why you’ve never seen this man before, son.

But sadly, Tariq is too far too gone right now. Tasha tells him and Raina not to talk to people about their dad’s case, but at school, this little a-hole mouthed off at one of his classmates:

CLASSMATE: Hey, that gun you brought to school. Is it the same one your dad used to kill that FBI agent?

TARIQ (trying to be all hard): Maybe.

RAINA (after Tariq scares the boy off) : Are you stupid? Mom told us not to say anything!

TARIQ: She’s a liar, just like dad!

RAINA: What’s up with you, Riq? It’s like I don’t even know you anymore…

Even innocent little Raina is fed up with Tariq and his bullsh*t. My question to Tariq is what are you gonna do when they find out your lifestyle was funded by drug money and they take your mom to jail too because you’re trusting Kanan over them and you and Raina and the third child we rarely see get split up in the system? HUH?!

Tariq then uses his burner phone to vent to his BFF Kanan. “I told you. I’ve known your dad for a long time. He did that sh*t. He guilty as f**k,” Kanan tells him. He also tells him to visit his dad in jail so that he can play along and act like a good kid. “You’re a smart little n**ga. Play the game son.” SON. SON?!? That is NOT your son, Kanan. You murdered your son, remember?!?

Tariq meets up with Kanan later to do more hoodrat stuff, like learning how to use a card to break into a house. Once inside, Kanan asks Tariq how his visit with his dad went. “I don’t wanna talk about that n**ga,” Tariq says. Then, instead of using, oh I don’t know GOOGLE (or at least asking his mom for a picture of Kanan), this idiot goes and asks “Slim” if he knows who Kanan is. “Yeah, he’s from the old crew, but you ain’t gotta worry about him. Kanan dead.” THE HELL HE IS.

When Kanan sees Dre, he jacks him up, thinking he’s the one who told Tariq about him. You can see the fear in Dre’s eyes as he tells Kanan “I swear to you, I didn’t!” Once Kanan lets go of Dre’s throat, Dre questions why Kanan is still hanging out with Tariq. “I’m paying you to stay away from him, man…” Kanan’s reply? “You were! You’ve told so many lies and made so many enemies, you ain’t got no friends! Now you paying me to keep you alive!” WELL, DAMN, DRE.

Tommy and Keisha have sex.

Tommy and Keisha are becoming a thing now. If you really paid attention last week, you probably sensed that something is going on between Tommy and Keisha. And if you did, then you were absolutely correct, because they f**king.

Keisha runs up into Tommy’s place demanding that he and Tasha remove their names from the shop’s paperwork, because honestly, she’s just tired of being involved in all of this mess. And she’s not only taking care of herself, she has a son to think about. But Tommy tells her she can’t do that because that’s gonna be a red flag when the feds get a hold her financial records, and then Keisha could do down for money laundering. So she has to just stick with the plan and keep things how they are. Tommy tells her everything is going to be OK and she should just trust him.

And not only is she trusting him, but she’s also falling in love with him, and the feeling appears to be mutual. Later that night, Tommy pops up at Keisha’s house unannounced (hey, she did it to him, why not return the favor?) just to “check in” on her, he says. (Boy, stop, we all know why you’re really there. **wink**) Then they have sex (obviously). On the kitchen counter (The kitchen, hough? C’mon y’all, people have to eat in there.)

The next morning, Keisha and Tommy discuss their wild night and how he’s the first white guy she’s ever been with. (Tommy: “You ever play in the snow before?” Keisha: “Nah. The snow can be unpredictable. You never know how many inches you’re gonna get.” Tommy: “Well, you got a goddamn blizzard your first time.” Uhh, OK.)

She tells him he’s the best thing to come from all this craziness, but they both agree that Tasha can’t know they’re smashing. Why? Because, according to Keisha, Tasha doesn’t want her to have nice things. Keisha tells Tommy when Tasha found she and Shawn were f**king, she “took him” from her. This is news to Tommy: “Did Ghost know?” Yup, he sure did.

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