Sandoval plants a gun in Ghost’s office at Truth. Good idea. WRONG!

Just like they raided Ghost and Tasha’s apartment, the feds (unsurprisingly) bust up in Truth to execute a search warrant. Caught off guard, Dre is forced to hand over security footage and allow them to search the premises. While the feds are doing their sweep, Sandoval leaves the group and goes to Ghost’s office and plants the gun he used to kill Greg.

But, hold up, wait a minute! What’s that right there behind Sandoval’s head? IS THAT A CAMERA?! Sure does look like one to me.

And if I remember correctly, Ghost can access that camera anytime from his laptop. He’s in jail right now, but he can definitely get Proctor to check it out. So This probably won’t end well for Sandoval, but we’ll all just play along for now.

When the feds get to Ghost’s office, they of course find the gun, and boom, now they have even more evidence against Ghost. This doesn’t go over well with Angela because she knows Ghost isn’t dumb enough to kill someone and leave the gun IN HIS OWN OFFICE.

Tommy is also shocked at the news of a gun being found at Truth. Proctor advises him to lay low because now that they have the murder weapon, he could be next in their plan of attack. Tommy agrees to keep a low profile, but says, “If sh*t does go sideways, and I get arrested, I’m gonna kill you.” How, Sway? YOU’LL BE IN JAIL.

Ghost is also pissed to learn that they found a gun in his club and he believes that Angela is trying to frame him. But, like Proctor says, it’s not about who put the gun there. It’s about the fact that the gun was there, and it just makes the prosecution’s case even that much stronger. DNA evidence? Check. A dead body? Double check. A murder weapon? Triple check.

Now, Ghost has to make a decision. Proctor says that he and Tommy could both be charged as drug traffickers, and in order to get a plea deal and save himself, he’ll have to give up Tommy as Ghost. But Ghost can’t (and won’t) rat on his boy. They’ll have to figure something else out.

Back at Tommy’s place, someone plants a tracking device on his car. But thankfully, without even knowing about the tracker, he (reluctantly) gives his mom his car keys because he knows feds will be tailing him at some point. So now, unbeknownst to them, they’ll be tracking her instead of him. Smart move, Tommy!

Tasha is closing in on Kanan, albeit very slowly, but surely.

Tasha is trying her best to hold things together, but there’s just too much going on for her to keep up. Not only has her husband been cheating on her with a federal agent, but that same federal agent has arrested him and put him in jail for a murder that he didn’t even commit. Tasha isn’t necessarily surprised that he allegedly killed someone, but she is definitely having a hard time trying to figure out how he got caught. I’m sure she knows he’s killed people before (let’s not forget she’s the one who wanted him to keep him moving that dope), so she has to be aware of what the man has to do in order to stay alive, but even she didn’t see this one coming.

Tasha honestly doesn’t know whether Ghost did or not (she wasn’t there to see it for herself), but she’s still riding for her man. If he says he didn’t do it, he didn’t do it. Or at least she hopes. And the way the justice system works, it’s not about whether or not you committed a crime, it’s about how much proof there is you committed the crime, and that so-called “proof” doesn’t always have to be legit.

In front of her children though, she has to keep stay strong. She doesn’t want them to worry too much, but she’s having trouble convincing Tariq ungrateful azz that his father is innocent. When she’s alone in the car with him, she tells him about how his father used to hang around rough kids when he was young. “One of them was named Kanan. Ever heard of him?” she asks Tariq, and he replies by shaking his head. Tasha’s not dumb. She knows SOMETHING is up, and it won’t be too long until she finds out that Kanan is still alive and turning her own son against her and Ghost.

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