Justin Bieber just can’t seem to stay out of trouble these days.

When he’s not saying controversial things in the press, speeding down the highway in his bat mobile (or letting his rowdy friends speed down the highway in his bat mobile), pissing in mop buckets at restaurants, allegedly spitting in people’s faces, inadvertently killing people, or just generally pissing people off with his mere presence, it seems as though our favorite little trouble maker likes to get into fashion brawls … over bow ties. H&M bow ties, to be exact.

The New York Post reported [emphasis ours]:

A source told The Post’s Frank Rosario the fight “was all over a little white H&M bow tie. One of the bottle girls liked it, so Wayne let her put it on. Justin was flashing all these girls with his flashlight. The girl with the bow tie went over to Justin and Wayne followed because he wanted his tie back. Then Bieber’s people got in his face … he eventually got the tie back.

“We thought it was all over, but it escalated outside when we heard Bieber yelling and talking shit,” the source continued. “He was screaming in Wayne’s direction, ‘Punk bitch!’ Wayne thought somebody threw something at him. Wayne picked up a small rock and threw it back towards Justin.

“That’s when Wayne heard someone yell, ‘You done fucked up now.’ Justin jumped out the sunroof of his car and slid down the car like he was in ‘Die Hard’He dropped his shirt and threw his hat and wanted to throw hands. His people surrounded Wayne, who was getting punched from all angles.”

Rennalls suffered a black eye, a busted lip and bruised ribs and was hospitalized. He filed an assault claim the next day. Another male clubgoer was also knocked out in the incident.

A friend of Rennalls’, Frank Johnson, who saw the fight, said, “When you have huge security guards backing you up, you get extra bold. This isn’t a macho thing. Justin was talking [bleep] from the safety of his car . . . And then it was pandemonium.”

While reps for the Biebs are insisting that he wasn’t involved in the fight, the singer is still being investigated by police over whether or not he directed his bodyguards to beat up the man and could face charges of his own.

In the meantime, Wayne Rennalls — the 22-year-old actor/model who was attacked in the “bow tie brawl” — has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Bieber.

Rennalls and his lawyer announced the suit at a news conference in Bay Shore, where he showed up with visible bruises on his face. He says he was treated at Peconic Bay Medical Center the day after the fight. He says he sustained injuries to his face, including a black eye and facial cuts, and he could also lose a tooth.

“Honestly, it was like jealousy in the club,” said Rennalls. “I got a group of females, like seven on this [left] side and three on this side [right] and one standing behind me. The girls I was with, none of them ran to him,” he said.

Rennalls said because of the bruises on his face, his upcoming modeling gigs are in jeopardy and he wants Bieber to compensate him for any missed jobs.

Sophia Rayo (left) and 24-year-old Diana Bhokasub (right) — the two waitresses at the center of the bow tie brawl

For what it’s worth, one of the waitresses in the middle of all of this, 32-year-old Sophia Rayo, told Celebuzz that the whole thing is being blown way out of proportion, and the only reason Rennalls is making a big deal out of it is because Justin Bieber is involved. And “testosterone.”

“Everyone is trying to portray Justin in a negative light and he had nothing to do with it,” said South Pointe club cocktail waitress Sophia Rayo.

“Everyone was involved, we almost got out [of the car],” she added. “It was just some silly thing about a bow tie. It was a dumb thing. Guys just have testosterone.”

“I think that people start with people sometimes because they want to get hit and look like the big guy in the crew.”

Rayo adds she didn’t see the “Boyfriend” crooner tell his bodyguards anything about the alleged victim.

“This isn’t what Justin’s friends were looking for,” she said. “It was the other side that was looking to start something. Justin and his friends were just trying to leave as seamlessly as possible to go to the after hours.”

Oh, and everyone wondering what happened between the newly-single Biebs and his ladies… well, a whole lot of nada.

“We were with three caravans of people and it was unisex — boys and girls,” Rayo said. “To say that there was a love triangle between me, my friend and Justin is not true.

“The story is getting out of hand.”

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