If you needed further proof that America is the land where stupid people can capitalize on their stupidity … here it is.

On Friday, Ryan Lochte (the man who makes Kris Humphries look semi-intelligent) appeared on Fox News’ “Good Day Philadelphia” to speak with Sheinelle Jones and Mike Jerrick about his E! reality show “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?”

As expected, the Olympic swimmer had a problem stringing together sentences and was confused by simple questions.

“Is it bothering you, having the camera follow you around everywhere?” Jones asked.

“You know, I’m getting used to it,” Lochte replied. “The first couple days it was a little weird. I mean, I was brushing my teeth and the camera was there.”

“I thought the bathroom was off-limits!” Jones said.

“Well, I guess there’s like, uh, there’s like, uh, there’s like a mirror, with a sink,” Lochte said, “and then you’ve got the bathroom, so you’ve got to separate…”

After the interview, Jones and Jerrick laughed until she cried and we don’t blame her.

Watch the mess unfold below:

Moments like this remind us how true Seth MacFarlane’s “Saturday Night Live” interpretation of Lochte was.

Unfortunately for the Gold Medalist, his head-scratching stupidity had been poked fun of on numerous occasions prior to the skit.

In 2012, BuzzFeed compiled this lovely montage of the of some embarrassing interview statements the 28-year-old has made.

Ryan Lochte should probably just stop doing live interviews all together…

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