A 48-year-old man was arrested for having sex with what he thought was a dead woman’s body on a sidewalk in broad daylight. Turns out … the woman was simply unconscious and NOT dead as the sicko originally thought.

“I thought that lady was dead,” Melvin L. Jackson of Kansas City told police when he was charged with felony sexual assault.

The victim told police she was walking Wednesday when she felt dizzy and light-headed, so she found a shady area and sat down. She later lost consciousness and said she awoke to a witness yelling, “Help her! Get up off of her!” The victim said she didn’t remember getting assaulted, but she noticed her underwear had been removed.

A witness flagged down a nearby police car, and the officer arrested Jackson, who was walking down the street with his pants unzipped, according to court records. When the officer asked Jackson about his pants, Jackson allegedly said 4he touched “a lady’s leg,” and “I thought that lady was dead.”

The witness told police she saw Jackson having sexual intercourse with the victim, who was in the fetal position, after another witness brought the assault to her attention, according to court records.

When police tried to interview Jackson, he allegedly blurted, “Did that lady say I did something to her?” He later said, “I have the right to remain silent,” according to court records.


The world is definitely not a safe place! You can’t even safely have a dizzy spell these days without getting sexually assaulted…

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