Not only is Lil Baby killing the rap game, apparently he is a monster in the bedroom as well.

Pornstar Ms. London got real messy on Twitter tonight and without name-dropping “The Bigger Picture” rapper revealed that his d**k game is amazing and that his girlfriend/baby mama Jayda is NOT going anywhere.

Ms. London also claimed that Lil Baby paid her $6000 for the occasion and blew her back out without saying a word to her.

Just last week, Lil Baby and his GF/baby mama Jayda Cheaves (aka “Jayda Wayda”) celebrated his 26th birthday together along with many of his industry friends.

During the party, Jayda gifted Lil Baby a super expensive Richard Mille watch, which cost her a hefty $200,000 and is 1 out of 12 ever created.

The young Hip Hop couple is widely admired by fans and lately have appeared to be unbreakable.

However, Lil Baby’s response to Ms. London’s claims may show that they might not be as happy as they put on to be.

Lil Baby confirmed that he and Ms. London did sleep together, but also called her out for speaking on the encounter after he paid her for the goods.

“What’s the point of paying if you do all that !! You fu**in the game up !! If I pay for p***y [you ain’t] supposed to speak on it. That’s bad business mama,” the “Woah” rapper wrote in a message.

Jayda also gave her take on the incident and surprisingly appeared to be on Lil Baby’s side. She tweeted that Ms. London was trying to ruin Lil Baby’s brand and was bad for business.

Jayda also spoke on people plotting against you when they see you gain any form of happiness, and said that it’s best to stay lowkey.

We hate to see it for Jayda because she is a real ride or die.

Lil Baby better get it together before sis realizes her worth!

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