Now this has to leave a bad taste in your mouth…

A Swedish woman recently found the surprise of a lifetime in a cartoon of milk ………. a used condom!

Read more below:

A Swedish woman said she was shocked and disgusted when a condom was found in her container of filmjolk, a popular soured-milk product. A Gunnilse woman identified as Milica said her mother, who was not identified, was pouring the filmjolk when the condom, a condom wrapper, a receipt and a plastic ring came out with the dairy liquid, The Local reported Wednesday.

“Mamma was shocked and I couldn’t eat for two days,” Milica said. She said her mother also suffered a loss of appetite. “She’s started to eat again, but she’s never going to buy filmjolk again,” the daughter said.

Katarina Malmstrom, a spokeswoman for the Arla dairy firm, said the company is investigating the incident but “there’s not a chance” the foreign objects made their way into the bottle during packaging. “It’s a closed process and there are filters and things that would stop something so large from ending up in a container,” Malmstrom said.


We’ve heard of a condom being full of milk … but not the other way around. Somebody needs to sue their a**!

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