24-year-old Zaire Paige, on trial for murder, was sentenced to 107 years to life in prison. But before receiving the maximum possible sentence, he had one request for the judge:

“With all due respect and from the bottom of my heart, suck my d**k.”

And as you can probably imagine, the judge was NOT amused, which probably explains why he gave the guy a prison term longer than most people’s lives!

More below:

A foul-mouthed murderer who made a raunchy request to a Brooklyn judge before his sentencing on Monday received plenty of prison time to rethink his choice of words.

Zaire Paige, 24, was hit with 107 years to life for killing Lethania Garcia and wounding four others in a brazen October 2008 Fort Greene shootout.

But before getting the maximum possible sentence, Paige tried to get one last dig in at the judge, Vincent Del Giudice, telling him, “With all due respect and from the bottom of my heart, suck my d—.”

Without missing a beat, Del Diudice fired off a comeback and then tough justice. “I respectfully decline your offer,” the judge dead-panned. “You are a danger to all civilized members of society.”

Paige was convicted of teaming up with Robert Crawford in a lunchtime attack on Garcia, 20. The pair tracked him down as he left a state court, opened fire and continued to shoot inside a hair salon, killing their target and wounding four others, including off-duty cop Andrea Cox.

Crawford was sentenced to 53 years in prison last month.


Wow! That’s taking the term “speak your mind” a bit fa, don’t you think? We wouldn’t be surprised if that reason alone is why the judge sentenced him to over 100 years in prison!! You don’t tell a judge (the guy who has the say-so in how long your a** stays in jail) to suck your d**k. You just don’t!

Your thoughts?

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