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WATCH: Murder Victim’s Sons Attack Man Who Killed Their Mother in Court During His Sentencing

The adult sons of a woman who was stalked and killed attacked the man who murdered her during his sentencing in court, and the whole thing was caught on video.

Ohio Man Throws Poop at Judge for Giving Him 40-Year Sentence

You could say that as the judge opened his mouth to read Ricky Hand's sentence in Springfield, Ill., that he realized he was in...

Teen Who Flipped Off Judge and Said “F*ck You” Released from Jail After Apology

The South Florida teenager who was sentenced to 30 days in prison after reportedly flipping off a judge and saying "f*ck you" has apologized...

Teen Flips Off Judge, Says “F*ck You” and Gets 30-Day Jail Sentence

Penelope Soto, a Florida teen who was arrested for possession of Xanex, recently learned what most of us already know: don't disrespect the person...

Man on Trial for Murder Tells Judge “Suck My D**k!” and Gets 107 Years in Prison

24-year-old Zaire Paige, on trial for murder, was sentenced to 107 years to life in prison. But before receiving the maximum possible sentence, he...

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