You ever seen the episode of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”…when Will and Carlton tricked Geoffrey into thinking he won the lotto?? Well,  McDonald’s has done the same thing to a 27-year-old IBM consultant named Ryan Doon…and could care less how he feels about it!!!

The multi-billion dollar fast food chain had Doon thinking he won a $1 million jackpot after he found a “Park Place” game sticker to their famous Monopoly game. However to his surprise, Mickey Dees made a typo on their official game rules online and actually meant to put that players require both “Park Place” AND “Boardwalk” game pieces to win the grand prize. So just like Geoffrey…poor old Ryan Doon didn’t receive a cent for his winnings either. (Now that is some serious BS!!)

McDonald’s has since responded to the matter and said only one of its six contest websites had the typo and they were corrected by Thursday afternoon….however Ronald McDonald and Co. gave no word on any kind of compensation.

Another example of how the big man…always takes a big massive million dollar poop on the little man. SMH!

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