Chinese Man Sues Wife For Giving Birth To Ugly Baby, Wins $120,000!

Chinese Man Feels Tricked After Discovering Wife’s Pre-Plastic Surgery Looks

There’s a thin line between love and hate, and one Chinese man, Jian Feng, quickly crossed over from the love side to the hate side with regard to his wife after the birth of their daughter.

Feng said the newborn baby girl was so “ugly,” that he questioned whether the baby was is. While Feng’s suspicions about the baby’s mysterious looks were accurate, it had nothing to do with his wife stepping out on the marriage and everything to do with her not-so-pretty secret past.

The face that Feng knew was in fact a relatively recent creation born from multiple plastic surgeries.

The photo above (on the left side) is the way Feng’s wife looked au naturale, and the photo on the right is her post-surgical look.

The news of the deceit was so shocking to Feng that he became infuriated by the whole scam and sued his wife in court for misleading him.

And guess what? The judge sided with him and awarded him $120,000 in the case.

International Business Times has the latest word from Feng:

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me,” Jian said.

Now we know what you’re thinking. How ugly could a baby be?!?!

And furthermore, what kind of father just rudely and flatly calls his own baby ugly to the world?

Welp, Planet Ivy has a picture of the baby, so take a look:

The saying for ugly babies generally says that the baby has a “face that only a mother could love.” In this case, that turns out to be true, cause her father sure as hell couldn’t.

  • snipit

    ohhhhweeeee OMG

  • honeyhoneysugar

    the baby is cute, i bet you he is not that good looking himself

  • stayreddi3

    okay now where is the baby ugly at … not to mention she still has some growing up to do … this situation is so ignorant, he just wanted some money… so sad

  • disgusted

    …smh…i understood his “reasons” even as horrid and tremendously shallow they were…this is your wife..what the devil does that say about YOU…because you married superficially you had the nerve to reject such a blessing..its idiots like that, that made this woman so uncomfortable within herself that she felt the need to change her “appearance” to be accepted…of all the things we go to court for in this day and age…there is no limit to utter stupidity… “married out of love…hmmm”.. wasn’t the child created out of the same love??? If so our point stands that it was shallow and superficial and that is why it did not last and can’t even expand…. *&^^%%$$#@!!##$%%&&*&^%##@!@# *freakin innocent baby*

  • keswees

    society is just so cruel..Lady went to get her face reconstructed beyond recognition as a result of her baby gets rejected by her own father..its just a never ending circle..smh

  • Zina

    Cute baby. The father’s a LOSER!

  • d

    You know ugly babies turn out beautiful in their later years. What the fuck is the dad’s problem ? Some of the world’s beautiful people have the worst looking parents (Sorry ! But it’s true to some degree.)

  • alli

    i was prepared to see something horrible but the baby is so cute and she will be getting prettier with every passing year. the asshole father probably wanted a son to carry his name on and saw this as an excuse to ditch the wife and baby girl so he can be free to try for a boy

  • That baby is NOT ugly, she is precious! I am truly surprised that the judge did not take into account that HE was responsible for half the Gene pool! what a complete moron!

  • Jgamak

    The woman is a liar and the man is a fool.

  • This is pretty bad… Faith in humanity is starting to die out.

    I just frankly have to be a dude when it comes to this kind of stuff. Us dudes like attractive girls, and it’s not just for the sex, but for the kid too. I don’t blame the guy for being angry, but the whole baby thing is just really upsetting.

    For the woman, she should probably read this

  • Ami Colon-Treyger

    This is probably one of the most shallow things I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot of shallow things. Yes, I get that physical attraction is important. However, when it gets to the point where a person is so disgusted by how they look they get plastic surgery, and are fearful of telling their spouse what they actually look like, that says something about what this person has been through. The husband is a real piece of work. If he is attractive on the outside, this decision will him as ugly and deformed as he already is on the inside…

    By the way “shape up or ship out”? SO NOT attractive on ANYONE who has ever said that to anyone else regarding their looks. The damage from that sentence alone is only there to shame others.