Mom Busted for Trying to Sell Her 3-Day-Old Son at Taco Bell

Mom Busted for Trying to Sell Her 3-Day-Old Son at Taco Bell

A Canadian woman was arrested at a Taco Bell in Washington state after she tried to sell her newborn baby to a customer for $500.

According to Clark County, Washington police, the 36-year-old mother allegedly handed her 3-day-old son over to a woman eating in the fast food restaurant, offering to sell the infant.

The customer turned down the woman’s officer, and called 911.

Though she wasn’t booked for trying to sell her baby, deputies arrested Heidi Lynn Knowles (who denied trying to sell the baby) at a nearby hotel on outstanding warrants for drug paraphernalia, skipping bail and theft, according to the Columbian.

The child was reportedly taken into custody by CPS, and Knowles is currently being held without bail.

[Huffington Post via The Columbian]


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