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Kamala Harris Took Joe Biden Over Her Lap & Whooped His Butt in First Democratic Presidential Primary Debate (Night 2)

The second half of the first Democratic primary debate saw Kamala Harris take off the gloves a bit and smack Joe Biden around over his support of segregationists and busing.

Watch Hillary Clinton Straight Up Ignore Donald Trump at Former President George H.W. Bush’s Funeral

Former President George H.W. Bush's funeral was held in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, and one of the biggest takeaways from the ceremony was the fact that Hillary Clinton refused to acknowledge the Trumps' existence.

Joe Biden: I Am Not Running for President in 2016

After months of speculation, Vice President Joe Biden announced today (Oct 21) at a press conference at The White House that he will not...

Joe Biden Joins Instagram, Posts Epic “Presidential Selfie” with Obama

Vice President Joe Biden joined Instagram on Wednesday (Apr 16) and his first post on the popular photo-sharing service was an artsy pic: in...

Of Course Mitt Romney Got “47 Percent” Of The Popular Vote

In a joint session Friday (Jan 4), Congress formally made the obvious official: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden won last November's...

The Entire Vice Presidential Debate Summed Up In Less Than 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

Highlights from the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Mitt Romney's runningmate Rep. Paul Ryan.

Joe Biden Warns that Mitt Romney Wants to Put Black People “Back in Chains”

Oh, Joe. You've done it again. It's no secret that Vice President Joe Biden is known for making, shall we say, "colorful" remarks in public. The...

Dr. Jill Biden (Vice President Joe Biden’s Wife) to Appear on Lifetime Network Show “Army Wives”

Are you a fan of one of the Lifetime Network? Well, we have some interesting news for you! Vice President Joe Biden's wife Dr....

President Obama Signs Healthcare Bill into Law, and VP Joe Biden Drops the Ball on National TV!

Yesterday (Mar 23) was a big day at The White House for President Barack Obama and his administration! After decades of attempts by the...

U.S. House of Representatives Pass President Barack Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill

The year-long struggle over health care in the United States is finally over! President Barack Obama's Health Care Reform Bill was approved by the...

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