Former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral was held in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, and one of the biggest takeaways from the ceremony was the fact that Hillary Clinton refused to acknowledge Donald Trump’s existence.

Bush’s funeral brought together all of the living former presidents—Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter—as well as our current president, Donald Trump and his wife Melania.

The Trumps were seated in the front row of the Washington National Cathedral right next to the Obamas. As the couple made their way to their seats, Trump shook hands with former president Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama. Melania Trump also shook hands with the Obamas and Bill Clinton and nodded at Hillary Clinton.

But, most noticeably, neither President Trump nor the Clintons appeared to acknowledge one another when the president arrived. Hillary Clinton stared straight ahead when the Trumps arrived, only briefly glancing at Melania, and the president did not even make an attempt to greet his arch nemesis and former 2016 presidential election competitor.

The moment quickly went viral on Twitter:

For what it’s worth, when former president George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush arrived at the funeral, the family greeted the Trumps and all of the former presidents and first ladies.

Other notable moments from the ceremony included George W. slipping Michelle Obama candy, just as he did months ago at John McCain’s funeral:

And former vice president Joe Biden either falling asleep or praying really hard:

Wednesday morning, Trump said he was “looking forward to being with the Bush family.”

“This is not a funeral, this is a day of celebration for a great man who has led a long and distinguished life,” Trump tweeted. “He will be missed!”

George H.W. Bush, the nation’s 41st president, died last Friday (Nov. 30) at the age of 84 at his home in Houston, Texas.

Following his funeral service, Bush was flown back to Texas, where he was buried at his presidential library on the campus of Texas A&M University beside his wife, Barbara, and their 3-year-old daughter, Robin.

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