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Videos Show White Lady in Wheelchair Attacked After Allegedly Stabbing Black Looters at Target in Minneapolis

A knife-wielding vigilante in a wheelchair trying to save a Minneapolis Target from looters amid protests over the death of George Floyd was attacked after she was seen on video "stabbing people"—particularly Black people, according to eyewitnesses and social media reports.

Target’s Checkout Registers Are Down Worldwide, Forcing Frustrated Customers to Leave Stores Emptyhanded

Angry shoppers are posting on social media complaining about long waits in checkout lines and then having to leave stores frustrated and empty-handed thanks to a global outage with Target's computer systems.

NFL Player Kellen Winslow Jr. Caught Masturbating in Target Parking Lot Before Drug Arrest?

Professional football player Kellen Winslow Jr. was arrested for drug possession in a Target parking lot last November, but according to a recently released...

Target Pulls Offensive Whitney Houston Greeting Card Off Store Shelves

In light of Whitney Houston's recent passing, Target has decided to pull an offensive greeting card from their shelves that mocks the late music...

Beyonce Surprises Young Fans at Target 1-Year-Anniversary Celebration

Beyonce gave a group of young fans one hell of a surprise when she popped up and started dancing along to her new song...

Watch Beyonce’s “4” Album Target Commercial [VIDEO]

With just days left until her album's release, the force de Beyonce is cranking her promo up into high gear to get word out. Check...

Lady Gaga Ends “Born This Way” Deal with Target Over Gay Issues

Don't expect to see Lady Gaga in any commercials for Target anytime soon... According to the The Advocate, last month, Target announced it would be...

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