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Bow Wow Caught Flexin’ on Instagram With Photo of Private Jet While Actually Flying Commercial, Sparks #BowWowChallenge

Twitter clearly couldn’t pass up the chance to clown him and they took the memes to the next level as the incident sparked the #BowWowChallenge.

Twitter Reacted to Bow Wow’s Rap Retirement Exactly How You Would Expect

Apparently, you’re too old to once you hit the big 3-0, at least according to Bow Wow. At 29, the entertainer has decided to...

Bow Wow Suddenly Claims He’s Mixed and Somehow Can’t Relate to the Black Struggle

LIL Bow Wow is proving once again why it’s sometimes best for celebs to remain silent on certain issues. The former child rapper -- who...

106 & Park Canceled: Popular BET Show Going “Digital Only”

After 14 years, BET has pulled the plug on its long-running flagship show "106 & Park" in favor of a digital only format. Those of...

Bow Wow No Longer Wants To Be Bow Wow: “Call Me Shad Moss”

Bow Wow is changing his name because he finally realized that being a grown man named "Bow Wow" just isn't going to cut it...

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