Apparently, you’re too old to once you hit the big 3-0, at least according to Bow Wow. At 29, the entertainer has decided to retire from the rap game. His final album, NYLTH, is expected to be released later this year (if you care).

Bow Wow, who just last month said that he was “mixed” and therefore could not relate to the black struggle, announced his retirement on Twitter with a series of tweets that highlighted his musical achievements.

Twitter reacted accordingly, with many suggesting Lil Bow Wow retired a long time ago or clowning his mediocre contributions to rap.

Honestly, I also didn’t know Lil Bow Wow Shad Moss still considered himself a rapper. Sure he’s released a few albums here and there over the past few years, but he’s been far from relevant in the rap game. His last charted album, New Jack City II, was released in 2009 and only sold a little over 30,000 copies in the US.

Moss has opted to focus acting and hosting opportunities in recent years. He was quick to point this out when Twitter collectively thought he had already retired.

He also confirmed that Snoop Dogg, his former rap mentor, will executive produce his final album, NYLTH.

Call me crazy, but even Snoop can’t save Bow Wow. It’s no longer 2000, and we barely cared then.

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