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Uganda Announces Plans for “Kill the Gays” Law Imposing Death Penalty for Gay Sex

Having sexual intercourse with the person of the same sex could be a crime worthy death if a group of Ugandan officials have their way.

#LivingWhileBlack: Lawmakers Are Pushing to Make It Illegal for White People to Call the Police on Black People for Existing

It's time to put a stop to white people who like to police by phone call harassment. It's time to ensure that #LivingWhileBlack truly isn't a crime once and for all.

Democrats Hold Congress Hostage in Staged Sit-In Over Gun Control Laws

Following the tragic shooting in Orlando, calls for increased laws on gun control rose up around the country. As always, the arguments were split...

Kim Kardashian Suddenly Became Politically Conscious

Can a leopard change its spots? Or rather, in this case, can a Kardashian suddenly develop depth, political consciousness and civic intelligence? It's not clear...

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